[iSenseLabs Weekly 82] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

Another busy week is ending. We hope it has been a productive one for your OpenCart shop and for your sales!

Some iSenseLabs modules like NitroPack and iSearch got a few updates, so we feel like sharing what we accomplished during the week.

If you’re already running these modules, be sure to get the latest versions to make sure you get all new features and improvements!

And remember, if you encounter any issues with your OpenCart store and iSenseLabs modules, be sure to reach out to us so we can resolve them.

NitroPack 1.8.11 (OC 1.x) & 2.5.11 (OC 2.x) & 3.5.11 (OC 3.x)

Improvement: Improve the automatic image dimensions detection

Improvement: Properly encode image filenames with special characters when running image optimization

Improvement: Improve the DB Singleton by adding support for custom DB ports

Bug fix: Fix related to duplicate htaccess rules on sites with an empty default htaccess file

Bug fix: Fix an issue in the CRON, related to clearing of the special offers

iSearch 4.3.2 (OC 2.x)

Bug fix: Tags passed as an array by Journal2 Super Filter were causing an error.

Bug fix: iSearch product URLs now consider the current site protocol (http or https).

Bug fix: Instant product results and standard product results were different in some cases.

Bug fix: Improved updating for the OpenCart Extension Installer working in FTP mode.

Bug fix: Layout auto-assign function no longer throws an error after creating a new layout.

iSearchCorporate 3.3.2 (OC 2.0.x - OC 2.3.x)

Bug fix: iSearchCorporate now works properly with exclude filters without causing an error.

Improvement: The included iSearch is updated to version 4.3.2.

DiscountOnNextPurchase 3.2.5 (OC 3.0.x)

Improvement: Compatible with OpenCart 3.0.x

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Article of the Week

The Subtle Art Of Following Up With Automation

By SalesFlare

Email automation is a powerful way to generate tons of leads. But what do you do when you start getting answers from those prospects? Can you afford the time to tailor personalized answers and nurture all those leads into a potential conversion? Take a few minutes to examine this article because it can really do miracles for your follow up automation so you can actually turn those leads into real deals.

How to Write Landing Page Copy That Speaks to Your Audience

By Instapage

There are tons of landing pages out there that simply don’t work. Like most other types of web content, you got just a couple seconds of user attention to work with so you gotta present it all in that short time frame. How to do that? Speak your customer’s language. How to do that? Check this article about landing page copy. Thank me later.

Why You Should Go Big With Line Spacing

By inVision

“Line spacing is just as important as font size.” Give your readers enough breathing room so they can take the information without overloading their eyes and minds. Too little line spacing makes things hard to read, but too much of it makes text look like it’s unrelated and chaotic. Check inVision’s post to find what will be the perfect line spacing for your content so you can make it more readable, scannable and accessible.

How to Hide Other Shipping Methods if Free Shipping is Available in OpenCart 3.x

By iSenseLabs

If your OpenCart store is offering free shipping, then you need to make sure your customers know about it. One way to do that is by hiding all other possible delivery methods if a customer has met the conditions for free shipping. This requires a little modification to the code which we have given in this post. Installing it in your store is super easy and takes a couple of minutes.

iSenseLabs Videos

OpenCart 3.x System Settings Configuration PART 2 (Local)

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