Introducing the New WaterMark. Redesigned for OpenCart 3.x

Meet WaterMark for OpenCart 3.0!

The new completely redesigned extension is now much more intuitive, simple and fast to use for watermarking all your product images automatically.

Secure your product images

Watermarking product images and is a high security measure against stolen product photography.

WaterMark helps you with:

  • Protecting Against Image Theft

Watermarking your images basically means that stealing them is pointless since nobody can actually take the credit for your work if your name, brand or logo is placed on the image.

  • Copyright

Placing a watermark on your images not only confirms your copyright over them, but also signals that you are on the lookout for potential theft.

  • Branding & Marketing

A watermark provides easier recognition and immediate connection with your brand name and image.

WaterMark Before


WaterMark Now

What’s New?

  • Brand New User Interface Design

  • Simpler Module Settings

  • Watermark Preview (Responsive to Each Change)

  • Dozens of New Fonts

  • Better Watermark Quality

You don’t need to apply watermarks and test different versions of it and refresh the storefront every time.

You can now configure and customize your watermark just from the control panel and apply it to your store in a matter of seconds.

Let us demonstrate…


We’ve selected a Text Watermark.

Upon entering the desired text in the field, the preview automatically generates an example image with the entry.

Below, you can choose one of the dozens of new fonts that can make your watermark unique and matching your store design and branding.


Next, configure your Font size and Watermark Color.

Again, each change is automatically displayed in the preview, helping you configure your watermark faster.


Want to adjust the right Position?

Choose between Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Left Center, Center, Right Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Center and Bottom Right.

Just make sure the Font size is not too big for your preview image so you can generate the exact position of your watermark.


Want your watermark to have Rotation?

Set the degrees manually and watch as the image or text watermark immediately turns sideways in the preview.


One of the key components of a good looking watermark - the Opacity.

You have two options to select from:

User-defined opacity: it’s defined from 0 to 100 manually whether it’s for a Text or Image watermark type.

PNG image transparency: applies the default opacity that comes with the image you upload as a watermark.


Select an image for your watermark from your device.

You can use JPG, JPEG and PNG images with a size of up to 19.5 MB.

Important: If the image appears too big in the preview, resize it and upload it again.

When you’re done, repeat the same process and configure the image position, rotation and opacity from the settings we just explained.

Save and View the Storefront

Let’s view the effect of WaterMark on your OpenCart 3.0 store.

This is a default installation with a Text watermark at the bottom left corner of the image.

The watermark is automatically added to all products and images, however you can select specific products or categories and specific images that are either bigger or smaller than a size you define.


Journal Theme Compatibility

You can go ahead and use WaterMark with your Journal Theme without any worries for compatibility issues.


Wrap Up

WaterMark for OpenCart 3.0 is a next level watermarking solution that brings a more simple and intuitive flow when securing your product images. Test it out in the demo and let us know what you think in the comments!


Test WaterMark Here

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