Use custom fonts, upload images and stack labels in Product Badges & Labels!

We are always looking for feedback from our customers, and it shows. All our products in Shopify have a 5-star rating, and we are super proud of that. In the past month, we have taken all of your feedback for Product Labels & Badges, and we've updated the app by adding more features, which can help get you even better-looking labels and, of course, more sales.

We were able to reduce our footprint, and now the labels are loading much faster than before. Also, there are fixes for many Shopify themes that are utilizing lazy load techniques for image loading. Read below for the other improvements.

Updated Help Center

We have added over 15 questions (more being added every week), which should make setting up the app look like a piece of cake. Now there's also a search bar, which will make finding the right resource much more comfortable than before.

Use custom fonts for your labels

This long-requested feature is finally here! You can now choose from more than 120 font styles for your label presets. The option is located in the Add/Edit Preset popup, under the Text settings. You can choose different font styles per label preset.

Upload image as a label

You can now also upload images as a label/badge. The feature can be found in the Add/Edit Preset popup under the Background settings. You can upload JPEG and PNG files here.

Add labels to products based on their tags

Up until now, you were able to apply a label to a specific product, to a group of products or collections of products. We've recently released a new way to add a label, and that is based on their product tags. By using field Tags, you can add as many tags as you want, and the given label will be applied to all products with those tags.

Stack labels to a product image

This was by far the most requested feature. Well, now it is available and can be used by everyone! Label stacking will allow you to display more than one label on a product image.

P.S. Keep in mind that the feature is in a beta state right now, and there might be some small hiccups. If that happens, feel free to reach our support team!

Would you like to see something else in the app too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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