Translation tab updates in the GDPR/CCPA app - What is new?

Our most recent update within the settings of the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app is in the Translation tab. We listened to your requests and we are currently in the process of delivering a more seamless experience in the context of translating the app. In this article, we will show you all the new changes that we added for you. Let's dive right in:

What is new in the Translation tab?

When entering the tab, the first thing that you will notice is the new outlook of the upper section. 

This is how the updated Translation tab looks like

Right next to the Set Language For The GDPR Requests Emails & Requests Pages section, we have added a brand new section called Set Language For The APPI Requests Emails & Requests Pages. By using that feature, you will be able to choose between English, and Japanese languages for the APPI Requests Emails and Pages.

How the newly added option Set Language For The APPI Requests Emails & Requests Pages looks like

Note: If the customer uses any of the paid plans, the Language Browser Detection feature will detect in what language the customer is currently browsing your store. Therefore, all the email notifications, that the customer will receive after submitting a request through the Compliance pages, will be in their chosen language. Respectively, the Free plan users will receive notification emails translated into the language selected in the Set Language For The GDPR Requests Emails & Requests Pages section.

Going further down, you will see the option Set Language For The Data Collection Text. This text is located right under the Accept Selected and Accept All buttons, which are part of the Preferences Popup. It refers to the client agreeing that we - iSenseLabs will be using this data for processing their request as per the GDPR/CCPA/APPI laws.

This is how the Set Language For The Data Collection Text section looks like in the Translation tab

This is where the Data Collection Text is located in the Preferences Popup

The Premium plan users can take advantage of another feature, called Set Language For The Compliance Pages. Once you choose a language, the current compliance page will be automatically translated into it.

The GDPR and CCPA Compliance pages can be automatically translated into several different languages, while the APPI Compliances page can be translated either into English or Japanese.

Here is how the section for automatic translation of the GDPR page looks like

Here is how the section for automatic translation of the APPI page looks like

Another new addition is the Go to Integrations button. By clicking on it, you will be forwarded to the Integrations tab. There you will be able to find all the Translation apps that we are compatible with + step-by-step video tutorials showing how you can set them up to work with our app. 

This is how the Go to Integrations button looks like

Right under the Go to Integrations button section, we have added a few videos showing how you can translate different parts of the app manually. 

How the video section for manual translation looks like

All the Translation series videos are available on our YouTube channel. For your convenience, we are adding them here too. 

Up next is the Metafileds section and more specifically the Refresh Metafields button. The metafields allow you to translate our app by using some of the most popular translation apps such as LangifyTranslation LabTranslate my StoreGTranslate

In order to set up the metafields, simply click on the Refresh Metafields button. That way they will be visible in the settings of the translation app that you are using.

Note: Make sure to refresh the metafields in case of any text changes of the Consent Bar texts or Preferences popup texts in the Cookie Consent Bar tab.

Keep in mind that all the texts in the Cookie Consent Bar tab should be in the same language as the one you have selected for default in the translation app you are using.

Here is how the Refresh Metafields button looks like on the admin side of the app

The final option on this page is the Add metafields to theme.liquid file button. This button will add the necessary code, that will help our app work correctly with those metafields.
Keep in mind that this option is available for Premium plan users only. If you are on a Free plan, you have to manually add the code in your theme.liquid filе, by following the steps shown here.

Here is how the Add metafields to theme.liquid file button looks like

And that is all the updates that we have added to the Translation tab. We hope you will enjoy this version update. Our continuous improvements wouldn't have been possible without your feedback. More updates are coming soon so stay tuned. 

Feel free to share what topics you would be interested in, and contact us in case of any questions via chat or email.

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