The new Reset Customer Consent feature update

The Reset Customer Consent button has been a well-loved premium feature of the Consentmo app, so we have been thinking of ways to make it even more helpful to Shopify store owners. With that in mind, we have prepared enhancements to this tool, making it even more valuable in assisting you with resetting your customers' preferences. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the updates in the Reset Customer Consent features and explore the various ways they can be leveraged to meet your specific needs.

Resetting customer consent before the update

Prior to the update, resetting customer consent gave your website's visitors the opportunity to accept revised terms in response to changes in your store's Privacy Policy. By clicking on this button, customers were presented with the Cookie bar once again, allowing them to accept the updated terms. This functionality has been widely utilized by our premium users, which motivated us to expand upon it and provide greater flexibility and customization options.

What the Reset Customer Consent button looked like before

Resetting customer consent after the update

In this update of the customer's consent feature, we are introducing improvements to the existing features and two more capabilities. You will now have the ability to choose which customers will see the Cookie bar again.

Previously, the reset applied to all visitors, regardless of whether they had accepted all or only some of the cookie categories. Now, you can specifically reset the consent for customers who have not accepted one or more cookie categories. The Reset Partial Consent provides a level of selectivity and greater control over the appearance of the Cookie bar. It can be a great helper before marketing campaigns where you want to get as many acceptances as you can for better analytics. Of course, this is only one of the ways to use this tool. You can reset the customer's consent, for the specific cookie group your visitors have rejected, based on your needs.

Note: Only one reset per day for each category.

Another new functionality we have added is the Schedule Reset. With this option, you can schedule a reset that will occur on a specific date. You can pick a day from the calendar and then select the cookie group that you want to be reset on that day. Once this is all done, just hit the Schedule Reset button. This option will work for all visitors that previously rejected this cookie group.


This is all we have for the updates on the Reset Customer Consent features. We listened to your feedback and we hope these new tools will assist you in managing your store in the best way. In the meantime don't forget to download the Consentmo app from the Shopify app store, and if you have any more suggestions for improvements, please contact us through mail or our chat.

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