The Importance of Data Backup & Recovery with AnyPort for OpenCart

After months of development and tons of requests from OpenCart store owners, AnyPort is finally here!

If you are not yet familiar, AnyPort is the simplest of backup and restore tools for OpenCart.

Encountering problems with database loss can be one of the most devastating and frustrating events for an E-Commerce website. This is where all of your product and customer information is stored, practically making your database the most important thing in your store.

According to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, 60% of businesses that lose their database have shut down within 6 months of the loss. What’s worse is that 93% of businesses that have lost their database for 10 or more days, have filed for bankruptcy within a year of the loss. Half of the businesses that remained without any data management for the same period, filed for bankruptcy immediately.

Obviously, your database is everything. Lose that forever, and you’re very unlikely to recover your business.

AnyPort is your OpenCart “Save Game” option.

It gives you a reliable backup you can always go back to. This gives you more confidence, peace of mind and a comfortable position, from which you can start taking more flexible decisions for your online business.

  • Save time and setup an automatic backup schedule
  • Backup the entire database including customers, products, options, attributes, transactions, orders, personal & store information, literally every byte of store data in your website
  • Keep your database protected in the cloud or on your computer


Backup Your Store Now!


Overview of the AnyPort Module Settings

First, the backup process. You can complete it in 4 simple steps - Select backup type, Choose what to backup, Set destination, and view the Backup summary.


AnyPort gives you 4 backup methods to work with. Each of them gives you different options for completing the database backup so you can do it exactly the way you want.

Full OpenCart Backup

Generate a full backup of your OpenCart system. This includes all the folders, files and the whole database.

Files Backup

Back up your root folders and files. You can select the folders and files you need to back up in the next step.

Database Backup

Generate a database backup. You can select the tables you need to back up in the second step.

Custom Backup

Generate a custom backup, where you can select which folders and files and/or database tables you need to back up.


With AnyPort, you get 3 restore methods that let you recover your data and bring your store to a safe point.

Full Restore

Do a full system restore, using an AnyPort generated backup file. This restores your root files and folders, as well as your database.

File Restore

Do a file and folder restore, using an AnyPort generated backup file.

Database Restore

Do a database restore, using an AnyPort generated backup file.

Auto Backup

Automatic backup can easily be scheduled with AnyPort. You need to activate your Dropbox account and select the type of backup you want the extension to perform for you automatically.

When your Dropbox is activated, you will see the email address you use for your account there in the Account Information field.

Below, you will see the command that you need to paste into your Cron job settings so the backup is performed automatically at a designated time, without you having to interfere anymore.


The cloud service you are using needs to be enabled so you can input your unique details into the AnyPort settings. The current release of the module only supports Dropbox, but we are yet to integrate Google Drive in the next version.

You need to create your own Dropbox App with Full access type by going to Dropbox Apps. When you’re done, copy your App key and App secret here.

The Redirect URL generated here has to be pasted in the admin panel of your Dropbox app. Check the documentation for more elaborate details.

Final words

As you see, working with AnyPort is one of the simplest things and the results have the power to save your business in case of a database disaster. Guaranteeing that your business data is safe and there’s no risk to lose it should be a no-brainer for any OpenCart store owner. Take action and always have a backup plan.


Backup Your Store Now!

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