The Canadian PIPEDA Law Updated in the GDPR/CCPA App

By popular demand, with the newest update of the GDPR/CCPA app, we now offer the possibility for merchants to enable the app for the PIPEDA (Canada) region separately. Until this update, enabling the app for Canadian visitors had to be selected alongside those from EU/EEA (GDPR) and Brazil (LGPD), but now the option is independent, making it more customizable. 

Getting started with the app

During the installation of the app, you can select the PIPEDA region from the Quick Setup. 

After you are done with the Quick Setup, you will be forwarded to the Global Settings tab. There you will see again all options for enabling different regions including the option for Premium users to enable for all countries. 

For creating a PIPEDA Compliance page, for Premium users we have the option to Generate the page automatically from the Global Settings tab:

To add the PIPEDA Compliance page manually, you can follow the steps from our previous post about this topic, right here.  Make sure that after successfully creating the Compliance page, you add it to the footer of your store, for easy accessibility by the customers. 

That's that for the PIPEDA Compliance update and the steps you should follow in order to be compliant with the Canadian regulations. If you fall in any of the uplisted regions, don't forget to install the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app for your Shopify store. For more suggestions on what we can do to improve the app, make sure to contact us via chat or email.

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