is dead. NitroSmush is born. by Yahoo was a great and widely used tool for lossless image compression, a process also known as smushing. The tool was quietly shut down by Yahoo, together with a bunch of other services you have probably never heard of coming down the road. This is perfectly in line with Marissa Meyer strategy of focusing on the revenue driving business that Yahoo operates. As we had a quite neat integration between and NitroPack and it was used by thousands of users, we decided to “fix the situation” with implementing a better service.

NitroSmush is Born

NitroSmush is a fast image optimization service that, we believe, does better lossless image optimization, for less time per image. It allows you to submit one or more images at once. It has an API as well. Oh yes, and it is free.

Fast, Free Requests

The service is currently running on a non-busy dedicated server with high capabilities. Our plan is to scale it as it grows with an elastic Amazon infrastructure.

Easy to Use

If you like to smush your images directly through the web user interface, you can do this on home page. Just put in the images in the placeholder and they will get smushed.


The NitroSmush API allows you to achieve tight integrations with your app or website. We will be implementing plugins for different platforms in the near future. Let us know if you like to see NitroSmush on your platform in the comments below.

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