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SmartNotifications is a plugin which displays notifications based on rules to your clients. The original inspiration for this module came from companies such as and where the module pushes a notification that creates scarcity for your store merchandise, which leads to an impulsive purchase. 

"Hurry up, there are 200 people looking at this product", "Last purchase was made just 5 minutes ago", "200 people booked this hotel in the last hour" Your customers will never be this happy when they spent their money with your store. Here are few of the most commonly asked questions about SmartNotifications.

I have set up notifications but my module does not appear on any of the pages. What could be the problem?

In order to show notifications for a specific page make sure you assign the module to the pages. You can do this from System > Design > Layouts > <select the layout where you want the notifications to appear>. Once you do this all notifications should be working great.

I would like to set up notifications for my home page. Should I use Homepage or Specific URL for this?

Please use Home Page under Showing Method > Home Page.

I am setting a notification for Category but it does not show under my category. Am I doing something wrong?

We want to elaborate that the 'specific categories' method does not create notifications for the category, but for the products which are assigned to that category. To assign notifications for the category please use the Specific URL feature.

I am running a multilingual site. Can I enable smart notifications for only one language?

Yes, if your store has the following set up:,, you can use the Specific URL option which is available in Control Panel > Notifications > Showing Method. Please paste the URL of the languages that you want to appear. For instance if you want to show the notifications on the home page for instance.

How does the Only %random_value% work?

The random value is a great way to show a random number of current events. For instance lets say you want to tell a client who is on a certain page that there are 3 other clients browsing at this product. The way it works is that you go to Control Panel > Notifications > Random Value and you set a min and a max value. In this case you can set between 1 and 5. Once you set this bracket you need to scroll down to the rich text editor and just reference the random value exactly like %random_value%. In the case above you can write "Hurry up there are %random_value% clients looking at the site right now".

How to enhance pop-ups by adding icons?

Using an icon in your smart notifications enhances your user experience by bringing a visual element to your pop ups. SmartNotifications gives you two options: either to use FontAwesome which comes with 650+ icons or upload your own icons. To choose among the FontAwesome icons go to Control Panel > Notifications > Show Icon and click on Enabled. Following click on the user predefined vector image and select an icon from the drop down. To upload your own image click on Use a custom image under Type of icon and then upload your own icon. We recommend uploading icons 50 x 50 px.

Does smart notification work on mobile devices?

Yes, SmartNotifications display on mobile mobile devices, while keeping user experience seamless. (Option to switch off notification display on mobile devices coming soon)

Can I set up smart notifications to display at a certain time on certain days of the week?

Yes, to set up specific time to show notifications go to Control Panel > Notifications > Days of Week. Check the days you would like to show notifications for. Following you can also choose specific time for the notifications. Simply click on the below item Hours Interval and set a start and end date.

Is there a way to test animations before rolling them on my site?

Yes, you can test not only animations but see how the pop-up will look like prior to pushing it live. Once you have chosen all settings click on preview right next to title. If you there are still some things that need fixing you can click preview once again and you will see the updated pop-up. Note %random_value% will not be regarded in this case.

Wrapping Up

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Well, hope that this post was helpful and now you can get a better idea on how SmartNotifications works and what you can do with it. As usual, if you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us in the comments section below.

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