Simplify Full Data Export and Import in OpenCart 3.x with ExcelPort

OpenCart 3.x has been out for some time and we’re seeing a lot of E-Commerce businesses choose it for their online stores.

What OpenCart admins usually don’t have by default is a comprehensive Export / Import functionality.

This post will show you the latest updates to the most advanced Export / Import tool on the OpenCart marketplace - ExcelPort.

The newest module version was stuffed with a lot of improvements, so we are going to take some time and explain the most important ones so you can better understand what makes ExcelPort so powerful, time-saving and easy to use.

ExcelPort 3.0.2 (For OpenCart 3.x)

In our effort to make ExcelPort more powerful and even easier to work with, we launched the latest update with new features and improvements.

Let’s try to break down the update and explain a bit better what some of the improvements mean and how they help your OpenCart store migration and data transfer.

New Feature: Export Unassigned Products

If you have tried to export products that weren’t assigned to your main or sub-stores before, you should know that it’s now possible.


This helps stores make sure that none of their products don’t slip away during the export / import and data migration.

So, even if you forgot to assign a product to one of your stores - don’t worry. It will be moved together with the rest of them.

Improvement: Enriched Spreadsheet

When exporting Orders, you can now see the history of shipping and payment codes & methods your customers used while shopping in your OpenCart 3.x store.

They will be located in the Meta spreadsheet in the Excel file you export with the module.


The purpose of this improvement is to give you a list of possible values you can insert in your Orders sheet in columns X, Y, AJ, AK.

Mind that this improvement does not list all possible values. It only lists the ones which were used in your past orders.

It should be enough for cases when you want to create a new order with a payment/shipping method which was already used in a previous order.

Improvement: Import Entries as New

Importing as new entries now works for most of the entities in your OpenCart 3.x store. How does that work?


Selecting this option means that the all IDs will be disregarded during the import.

This option is now available for the following import entities: Products, Attributes and Attribute Groups, Customers, Customer Groups, Manufacturers, Coupons, Gift Vouchers.

Their IDs will be disregarded during the importing process so they are created as new ones without editing any existing data in your OpenCart 3.x store.

Data Validation in Bulk Export

The Data Validation feature is now also present in the Product Bulk Export/Import feature.


Instead of modifying the fields manually, you have options to choose from the OpenCart 3.x statuses, tax classes and many more.


This helps you confirm that all the statuses and tax classes are set to the correct ones before you import your product data in your new OpenCart 3.x store.

ExcelPort is Part of Your System Now

Since ExcelPort is an Export / Import tool, customers suggest it belongs in your Maintenance section with all the other Backup / Restore and upload tools. So we delivered.


When you install ExcelPort in your OpenCart 3.x store, it will automatically appear in System > Maintenance.

It’s where you can access it quickly without having to go to your Extensions, filtering the modules and accessing the extension the harder way.

Improvement: Auto-Update Order Statistics

After you import all of your new data in the OpenCart 3.x store, it will be reflected on your order statistics.


When you make the import, your statistics will be automatically updated and will include all of the new data you just imported.

Over to you

ExcelPort is ready to make your data migration and export / import of products a lot easier and give you even more control. It’s the most advanced store data migration tool on the market right now, and you can test drive it for yourself here. Let us know what you think about the new improvements or what you would like to see in the future in the comments below!

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