How to Sell More in OpenCart with a Shoppable Instagram Gallery

Instagram’s transformation from a social sharing platform to a full blown marketing & sales powerhouse happened quite fast. So fast that some brands still struggle to find the right way to tap into those record-breaking engagement rates.

With the launch of product tagging in Instagram posts, this transformation is beginning to look much more complete.

However, product tagging is not yet available for all E-Commerce platforms, so we had to think of a different approach...

Something that lets OpenCart merchants use the potential of Instagram sharing and engagement into their marketing strategy.

Test InstagramShopGallery Here

How to Enable Shoppable Instagram Posts in OpenCart

This is how the idea behind IntagramShopGallery was born.

It’s our brand new OpenCart extension that lets you draw images from any Instagram hashtag and turn them into a shoppable feed on your store.

Let’s start from the basics and tell you about the way things work and why you should get started with shoppable Instagram posts as soon as you finish reading this article.


What’s a Shoppable Instagram Feed?

Shoppable Instagram Gallery

The feed can be a separate page or a section within your home, product or landing page.

It’s a gallery made up of Instagram posts displayed on your OpenCart website that can be used as beautiful visual representations of your products and how they are used by real people, your own customers.

You can customize the content of the gallery and select the images you want to feature so you create a feed that fits great with your OpenCart website design.

Each Instagram photo you approve will display the image, the username of the person who shared it, and the description of the post.

With InstagramShopGallery, you can create a new gallery page displayed in your main menu, as well as a module you can assign to any of your OpenCart layouts.

We’ll let you know about the setup process in just a bit...

How Will Customers Shop Products from Your Instagram Feed?

Add to Cart

You can use your approved Instagram posts to display your products with an Add to Cart button letting your customers shop while viewing the photos in your store.

As soon as a customer clicks Add to Cart, they are ready for checkout.

Selecting product options? Easy.

In case the product you assigned to the Instagram post has required options, clicking Add to Cart will lead the customer to the product page so they can select the product variants they want.

Add to Cart with Options

Benefits of Adding an Instagram Shoppable Gallery in OpenCart

Shoppable Instagram posts are something that a lot of businesses have been looking forward to. It’s an exciting topic and it creates a completely new way of selling products to customers.

Social Proof

You can encourage customers to share photos on their Instagram profiles using your hashtag so you can feature them on your website! This means that other visitors on your store will see that and it’s a big signal for social proof that your products are already selling and customers are happy to use and share them.

Social Proof

User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the most powerful ways to raise brand awareness since it’s real, honest and authentic. Basically, one customer telling others that your brand rocks and your products are awesome. No expensive advertising campaign can beat that.

User Generated Content

Customer Engagement

This is how you make a big step towards building more lasting relationships with customers. Shoppable Instagram posts are the new big thing in E-Commerce and they are an exciting new way to promote products while you’re engaging with customers.

Customer Engagement

Beautiful Shoppable Gallery Adapted to Your Design

You can create an aesthetic gallery that fits together with your color scheme and OpenCart design so it creates an appealing shopping experience for your customers. You can upload photos in your Instagram profile using the selected hashtag and arrange them in your store in a way that accents on the product and everything that’s unique about your brand.

Instagram Shop Gallery

All of these are some of the biggest sales-boosting factors in E-Commerce. Now let’s show you how to make everything happen.

How to Enable Your Shoppable Instagram Gallery in OpenCart

After you install and enable your new InstagramShopGallery extension in OpenCart, first thing you need to do is select the hashtag you want to use for getting Instagram posts.

Notice that you don’t even need to connect your Instagram profile.

Step 1: Select your hashtag

Simply enter any hashtag you want and choose from all the posts that instagrammers have posted.

Enter Instagram Hashtag


Step 2: Select your favorite Instagram posts

Choose just the right photos you want to display on your OpenCart store.

Approve Instagram Post


Step 3: Make it Shoppable!

Select the product (or products) you want to display on the Instagram photo on your website and hit Save.

Add OpenCart Product

All the images you approve will be saved for easy access here:

Saved Instagram Photos


Step 4: Custom Photo Carousel for Your Layouts

After selecting the Instagram photos you like, it’s time to create your carousel. You can assign it to any OpenCart layout you want.

Instagram Photos for Layouts

  • Title. This will be displayed as a title of the Instagram carousel section in your storefront. Personalize it for you audience! You can use any language you want.

  • Photo Visibility. Select the photos you want to display in your layout.

ImportantNote that Show all photos means the extension will automatically get all Instagram posts with the hashtag you entered and constantly update the feed every time there is a new post uploaded to Instagram.
  • Photo Limit. Select the number of Instagram posts you want displayed on your layout. We have selected 5 so we can add our own Extra Image to the carousel.

Instagram Profile Image

  • Extra Image. This can be any image you want to display. The recommended size is 480 x 480 px for optimal results.

  • Extra Image Link. You can add a link that leads to a category, a product page, or your own Instagram profile.

Storefront View

Now you have your own shoppable Instagram feed in your home page, category pages, product page or any layout you want to display it!

Step 4: Instagram Shoppable Gallery for Your Main Navigation

Create your custom page for the entire gallery of shoppable Instagram posts you want.

Shop Instagram

  • Title. The title will be displayed as the link to the page in your Main Navigation as well as the headline of the page. You can adapt it to the language of your store.
  • Main Navigation. Choose whether you want your Main Menu to link to your page or not.
  • Photo Visibility. You have the same options to determine the type of photos you want to display on your gallery page.
  • Photo Limit. Check out how your gallery looks like and set the photo limit to a number that will display images evenly.

Upload Banner


  • Banner Image. You can place a banner image at the top of your new gallery page. You can experiment with the sizes, but we recommend 1920 px minimum width.
  • Banner Image Link. Add a link to your banner and lead customers to your Instagram profile or any other page you want. You can use that banner for announcements, promotions, deals, etc.

Shop Instagram SEO


  • SEO Options. Since you’re getting a completely new page in your OpenCart store, we added basic search engine optimization settings including Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

Your shoppable Instagram gallery is now ready!

Shop Instagram

Let your customers’ social media posts help sell your products more with the brand new InstagramShopGallery!

Instagram is a marketing gem and you can now bring it to your OpenCart business.

Let's recap:

  1. Select your hashtag
  2. Add products to Instagram posts
  3. Customise and build a new shopping experience...

Create Your Instagram Gallery!

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