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Running an online store means that you probably have faced the struggle to keep track of your product data. As your business grows managing your inventory info will become more and more time consuming. No matter what stage your business is on, you will always need to  be able to monitor and edit your data as quick and efficient as possible. ProductManager is just the right tool for that. Extending the default product management functionality of OpenCart it adds the option to edit multiple products at once, manage all supported OpenCart product columns, bulk upload images and if you need it, export your product information into an Excel spreadsheet.

Bulk product edit

Lets take a closer look at one of the extension’s best features - bulk product edit. Go to your OpenCart admin panel navigate to Catalog -> ProductManager. You will be introduced to the familiar OpenCart Product list. Select as many products as you wish to edit. Head over to the column title and click on it. An input field will appear. Depending on the column you have selected you could either add/ subtract or change the status of the selected products by entering your custom value.

Bulk image upload

To put the bar even higher, ProductManager offers you not only the convenience to edit numerous products at once, but also to upload multiple products photos at the same time. Using the default OpenCart product management tools you need to go to each product and upload each image separately. Just as bulk product edit, you can use ProductManager to upload images and assign them to their corresponding products all at once. All you have to do is rename the images you are going to upload so their names correspond to the product’s ID they are going to be assigned for. Now archive all the images in one folder, navigate to ProductManager, select the products, which images you are about to change and click on the edit icon over the images column. A dialog box will open. Click on “Choose file”, select the zip archive which you have created in the previous step and click upload. Thats it! All of the selected products have their images changed.

Single product edit

ProductManager not only extends the default OpenCart functionality but improves some of its features as well. Instead of going to the “Edit” option of each product, which will redirect you to a new page, you can just double click on the component you need to edit and change it right from the product listing. 

‚ÄčThis feature applies to all product columns. You could go through all of the products on your store and edit each component you like directly through the Product list page.

ProductManager and ExcelPort join forces

ProductManager is completely compatible with another powerful extension developed by iSenseLabs - ExcelPort. What this means is that whenever you make changes to your product data and if you have ExcelPort installed on your system you could export the information right through the control panel of ProductManager with a single click of a button.

Product Manager 2.0.1.png


For any product in your store you need to manage quite a substantial amount of data. And regardless if your inventory is spread across several storage houses or just stacked in your garage, you need to keep track of this data. But with all the various factors that are affecting your business at any given moment and that require your attention, sometimes this could be a hard task. ProductManager is the tool that will not only save you time and efforts when it comes to managing your products information, but also extend the functionality of your default content management system.

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