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This is the third post from our Q&A series and this time we will take a closer look at the frequently asked questions regarding RelatedProductsPro. If you want to check out all posts from the Q&A the series, click here.

What does the module do?

RelatedProductsPro increases your sales and conversion rate by showing related products to the customers based on their shopping cart contents. You can place the module in every layout and position, but the best place for you to show the module is right in the shopping cart page. That way you can show the customers related products right before they go to the checkout page to place an order.

The module has lots of options and you will have to find out which configuration works best for you.

Does RelatedProductsPro automatically generate product relations?

Currently there is no way for RelatedProductsPro to generate similar products automatically because it needs to use specific parameters to do that. RelatedProductsPro increases your sales and conversion rate by showing related products to the customers based on their shopping cart contents.

The default OpenCart functionality for related products is executed by entering products you want to show in the product management field Catalog > Products > Edit > Links > Related Products.

If you leave this field empty, the default Related Products section in OpenCart will not be shown and RelatedProductsPro will function on its own without interfering with a second section.

I don’t see any related products. How to configure the module?

First of all, you have to install the module and add it to the layouts on which you would like to display the module.

Assigning the module to a layout

For OpenCart 1.5.x. For those of you using OpenCart 1.5.x - you have to open the tab Control Panel in the module and set the widget to the desired layouts. 

However, if you are using OpenCart 2.0.x, you will notice that the module assignment works different. You have to go to System -> Design -> Layouts and pick the layout in which you would like to add the widget from RelatedProductsPro.

When the page is loaded, you have to click on the plus button to add a new module field. Then you should choose RelatedProductsPro and the position on which you want to enable the widget.

That’s it! 

Adding related pairs

In order to show related products, you have to create the relations first. To do that, you have to go to Extensions > Modules > RelatedProductsPro > Settings tab > Related Products field.

It is actually quite simple: on the left side of the table you have to add the products that should be added in the shopping cart - the ones added by the customers. On the right side of the table you have to add the products which you would like to show as related to the ones on the left side.

That’s it! You have done the tough part. Now you have to configure the module so it can fit your needs.

Type of relation. What is this?

This option can be found in the same page on which you add the relations. Basically, there are two choices - Exclusive and Inclusive type of relation.

  • Exclusive relation - The name suggests that all products from the left column should be added in the shopping cart in order to show the products from the right column. If one or more products from the left column are not in the cart, this means that the rule is not matched so no related products will be shown.
  • Inclusive relation - This works the opposite way: Only one product from the left column needs to be added in the cart to show related items. This way the rules can be combined and show related products from two rules at the same time. There is a special algorithm which prevents one product to be shown more than once.

Which type of relation you should use depends on your preference. 

What does “Automated Related Products” mean?

There is an integrated automated related products feature which shows related products in the product pages. “Automated Related Products” is a feature, which will use the default OpenCart related products and display them in RelatedProductsPro.

That way, if you have already added your relations in the default OpenCart functionality, you do not have to make them again in our module.

Here is a little something extra: If you enable “Automated Related Products” and then add the module to the products layout, RelatedProductsPro will search for related products in the default OC relations even if there are no products in the cart.

The search will be based on the product that your customers have opened.

In conclusion

These are the most asked questions we get about RelatedProductsPro. Still, if there is something else you would like to know, feel free to use the comments section below.

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