Plan updates for our GDPR/CCPA app on Shopify

The newly updated plans for our GDPR/CCPA app are already live. Check out the new features we offer, including a brand new Enterprise Annual Plan!

Introducing the New plans

The new plans offer many new functionalities for our users, the most notable ones being:

Automated Blocking Script - When clicking on the Integrations tab in our GDPR app, what you will notice is the new "Services Tracking" section. There we made it easy for you to add additional blocking of the most popular tracking services: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc. with a click of a button.

Translated Compliance PagesThe Premium plan users can take advantage of another feature, called Set Language For The Compliance Pages. Once you choose a language, the pre-generated Compliance page will be automatically translated into it.

More Design Features - We have completely revamped the Preview of the cookie bar. With the new preview window, you can now fully customize the placement and style of the banner before adding it to the storefront. Additionally, we have moved the option to add a "Close" button, to the cookie bar, here in the Design tab. Now, you have the option to choose between a "Close button" or an "x symbol" with the help of intuitive sliders. We also added two new positioning options: Center and Center Blocked Content, which are available to all Premium plans.

One-time design brand fit of the cookie bar - We know merchants are very busy running their various business ventures, so that is why we decided to offer а one-time service for fitting the cookie bar into the design of their brand. This option is exclusively available to Enterprise users only. You will simply need to request the service through our support channels.

A full list of the features included in each plan is available in the Upgrade Plan tab in the app's admin.

Note: The new terms are valid for new subscriptions only. All existing users will continue to use the app at the same prices and conditions as they initially subscribed for. Keep in mind that if you want to upgrade to a higher plan the new conditions of the app will take effect. 

The new Enterprise Annual Plan

When choosing to upgrade to the Enterprise plan, our merchants have the option to get billed one time annually, with approximately 10% off the full price. The option is available to customers already on the Pro plan and above.

Additionally, the Enterprise Annual Plan can be selected as soon as the app is installed by clicking on the Enterprise option.

Why have we changed our plan’s prices? 

Since we introduced our last plan update in April 2021, we have added quite a few improvements to the app. We already mentioned some of them above, but here is what we also added, available for all plans:

1.  APPI Compliance for Japan -  This new feature addition allows stores located in Japan or those that operate with this country to stay compliant with the latest regulations.

2. PIPEDA Compliance for Canada - PIPEDA is a Canadian data privacy law that regulates how businesses collect and use personal data within the Canadian territory and how our app can help you make your Shopify store compliant with the PIPEDA law.

3. Records tab - To facilitate your experience with the GDPR/CCPA  app, we introduced a brand new tab called Records. This tab combines all the previously known tabs: Policy AcceptancesGDPR/CCPA/APPI Requests, and Deletion Requests into one. This resulted in a more simplified admin layout, as this one tab now stores all that important information you need in one place. 

4. 90% quota reached emails - The GDPR/CCPA app constantly monitors whether you have reached at least 85% of the quota from your current plan. If you close up to this quota percentage, you will receive an email saying that you have reached approximately 90% of the quota limit of your plan, plus the approximate days in which you will hit the actual limit.

All of the updates mentioned above have added value to the GDPR/CCPA app and it was only logical for these changes to reflect on the plans' prices

And that's all about the new plan updates, if you have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

If you haven’t installed our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app yet, don’t think twice.

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