How to Work with the OpenCart Image Manager

Uploading images in OpenCart is very easy and accessible from multiple places. You can find and open the image manager on every admin panel section where images can be added.

We’ll give an example with the category images.

Let’s access the admin panel and open Catalog > Categories > Any Category.

Click the Data tab.

You’ll find the Image section below the SEO URL field.

Click on it and click the Edit button to open the Image Manager.

The Delete button removes the selected image (if present).

This is how the OpenCart Image Manager looks like. It’s pretty straightforward to use. Let’s explain the buttons.

Parent - go back to previous folder.

Refresh - refresh images.

Upload - select image/s to upload from your device.

New folder - create new image folder.

Delete - delete selected image/s.

The search field lets you find images by their names. It’s really helpful if your image manager is cluttered.

Let’s upload an image for our Cameras category.

When your image is uploaded in the Image Manager, simply click to select it.

After your image is selected, click the Save button.

We have uploaded a test image so you can see how the manager works.

Let’s go to the storefront and see the results.

The image has been assigned as a main category image.

You might immediately ask “How do I change the image dimensions?” Let’s explain this as well, since you will need to know when uploading images in various sections in your OpenCart store.

Can I Change the Image Sizes in OpenCart?

You can modify the default image sizes in OpenCart by accessing your Theme Settings. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Themes.

Click the Edit button on your theme.

You will access your theme settings. Scroll a bit down to find the Image settings where you can configure the default image size for:

  • Category Image
  • Product Image Thumb
  • Product Image Popup
  • Product Image List
  • Additional Product
  • Related Product
  • Compare Image
  • Wish List Image
  • Cart Image
  • Store Image

It’s important to remember that these image dimensions are different for all themes. What you see in the screenshot here are the image dimensions (in pixels) of the default OpenCart theme.

Can I Upload Multiple Images?

For uploading more than one or two images, it’s better to do that via FTP. Not that you can’t do it with the image manager, it’s just simpler and faster to do it via your server. And it’s easier to organize them too.

For our example, we’ll use FileZilla. Open the public_html and find the image folder.

Open the folder and you can upload all of the images you want here. You can sort them in separate folders and arrange them in any way that is suitable for you.

When you are done, the images will still be present in the Image Manager so you can simply select the ones you want to assign to your OpenCart categories, products, etc.

Can I upload all types of files?

Actually, you can set that by yourself. It’s in the store settings. Go to System > Settings > Edit and choose the Server tab.

Scroll down and you’ll find the Uploads field.

You can set the Maximum size of the uploaded files in bytes, the allowed file extensions and the mime types.

Click Save after you make your changes and you’re all done.


That’s about it regarding the OpenCart image manager. If you have any problems or more questions about it, you can leave them in the comments section below.

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