How to Promote Your OpenCart 3 Products Like a Pro

Running promotions is one of the surest ways to give your sales a temporary spike.

Whether the promotion is about an event, a holiday, a new release or a simple sale, numbers always go up when there are discounts involved.

The question is - what’s the smartest way to go about it.

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Let’s see how to run winning promotions in the new OpenCart 3

A profitable sales strategy cannot go without deals and promo offers.

Promotions not only convert a bigger portion of your traffic and increase sales. They also help enhance customer acquisition as well as retention.

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For instance, BIA Kelsey have predicted that more than 17% of the revenue of small businesses has come from customer acquisition practices such as promotions, discounts, coupon codes, daily deals, clearance sales, etc.

They also state that 38% of small businesses use customer retention tactics for returning users and reward them for purchasing more than once.

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Let’s view a few examples of special deals that we will create with the Promotions extension.

To begin, one of the most popular promotions:

Buy One, Get One FREE

To set this promotion in OpenCart, go to the extension admin panel and follow these steps:

Step 1: General

Give your promotion a name and configure the general settings you prefer.

Step 2: Conditions

Set the condition to Product in Cart and select the product (iPhone 7) you want customers to purchase.

Step 3: Actions

The desired action is for a Specific Product Discount to be 100% for a product (iPhone) you wish to give for free.

Step 4: Information Page

Create a custom information page that will display your promotion.

Let’s see the promotion in the storefront.

With the information page enabled, the extension will create a second button called View Promotions underneath the Add to Cart button.

You will also have a separate Promotions tab in the product page that will display the deal you’ve created.

Clicking the view more button will take you to the Information page.

This is where customers will see the product they need to purchase and the product they will get for free.

The Three-Pack

In this case, we will combine one product from three different categories, so we can have a three-pack at a discounted price.

Step 1: General

Start with a suitable name for your promotion and configure your preferred general settings.

Step 2: Conditions

The conditions must be four in total.

The first one should be set at Cart Quantity is Equal to 3. This means that the discount will be applied if there are three products in the cart.

The other three conditions must be set at Product from Category in Cart and this is where you select the three categories you want to apply in the promotion.

Step 3: Actions

The action will be set to a Cart Total Discount with a Fixed Amount of $100.

After you setup your custom information page, you’ll be ready to check how things look in the storefront.

This is how our promotion looks in the storefront in one of the products from the categories we selected.

If you click the View more button, you will notice that the promotion has its own page with all the categories shown.

Manufacturer Discount

Is the extension able to create a discount for entire brands?


Let’s see how to enable a discount for a specific manufacturer from our store and give their fans what they want.


Set the condition to Product from Manufacturer in Cart and select the brand you want to use for your promotion.


To apply the promotion to the manufacturer, select Discount on All Products in Manufacturer, set the amount you want to discount and select the brands it’s going to be valid for.

After you configure your general information and information page, this is how the promotion is going to look like in the storefront:

So, these are just a few examples of the variety of deals you can create for your customers.

If you want to try out some promotions of your own, you can experiment with the extension demo right here:


View Demo


It’s up to you to think of the most alluring promotions that will make users want to purchase from your store, and not your competitors.


Something important to remember when creating your promotions - urgency always encourages sales, so avoid leaving your deals without a time limit. Anyway, enjoy Promotions for OpenCart 3.x!

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