New updates in the Design Settings tab - what we have improved

The Design Settings tab in the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app has been recently updated. In this article, will show you the new outlook of the tab and all the options that you can use in order to customize the Cookie Bar and Preferences Popup in a way to completely match your brand. Let's dive right into the main settings:

Features available for all users

When entering the Design Settings tab you will see the completely revamped layout. The biggest change is in the Preview, which is now displaying how the Cookie Bar will look like on your storefront.

Here is the new outlook of the Design Settings tab

The Position section is located on the left hand side. By default, the bar is set at the bottom of your storefront. However, you can change it's position by choosing between several options. 

Here are the different positions which the Cookie Bar can be set to

Right under the Position settings are located the OpacityFont Family and the Font size options where you can modify the Cookie Bar and the Preferences Popup. If you want to customize the Cookie Banner and the Preferences in a way that will match your brand design, change the Family Font and Font size to your preferences.

Here is an example of the results after we have modified the Font Family and Font size. As a font we chose to use Poppins instead of the default one and changed the Font size to 17px instead 16px.

How the Cookie Bar looks like after we changed the Font Family and Font size

How the Preferences Popup looks like after we changed the Font Family and Font size

Up next is the color modification. Here you have six different setting options, which will help you customize the design further. You are able to change:

  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Button Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Checkbox Color in the Preferences Popup
  • Checkbox Tick Color in the Preferences Popup

Here is how all these work: 

A new addition to the tab is the Selectors link, located above the Custom CSS field. By clicking on the link, you will be forwarded to our FAQ page, where you will find all the selectors that you can use in order to add or remove different elements from the Cookie Consent Bar and Preferences Popup.

How the Selectors link looks like

Features for Premium Plan users

If you are a Premium plan user you will be able to take advantage of some additional features like positioning the Cookie Bar in the middle of the screen, customizing your Request Pages and Email Templates.

1. Positioning the Cookie Bar in the middle of the screen

The Center and the Center Blocked Content positions of the Cookie Bar are our latest additions to the app, and they are available only for the Premium plan users. However, if you are a Free plan user, you can also set the Cookie Bar in the middle of the screen by applying some additional CSS code into the Custom CSS field. We have created a dedicated blog post and a video tutorial showcasing the whole process.

How the Center and the Center Blocked Content positions look like

Note: Keep in mind that any changes applied to the Cookie Bar through the custom CSS field won't be visible on the Preview Screen

2. Customization of the Request Pages

How the new Request Page Settings section looks like

Here we applied small design changes like the logo slider and the Upload logo button.

In that section you can:

  • Change the Background Color by simply picking a shade that you prefer from the color palette or directly adding the color code.
  • Change the Text Color, by selecting one of the colors used on your store
  • Choose whether you are going to add your store logo. In case you upload it, it will be shown in the header of the Request Page

This is how the we decided to modify this section:

Here is how the Request Page looks like after all these changes. We modified:

  • the Background Color
  • the Text Color
  • added the Store Logo

How the modified Request Page looks like

3. Email Template modification

Here you are able to:

  • Set a Custom Email Sender, this option allows you to send all the emails to your customers from whichever email address you prefer
  • Change the Button Color, by selecting one of the colors used on your store
  • Add some additional CSS code in order to make custom transformations. As an example we will show you how to add your store logo in the header.

Here is how we applied the changes mentioned above:

Here is the result of the modifications that we have just applied. We have:

  • added a Custom Email Sender
  • changed the Button Color
  • added the Logo to the header of the email

This is going to be the email that your customers will receive after they submit a request from one of the Compliance pages.

How the Request Email looks like after we applied all the changes

And that are all the updates in the Design Settings tab. If you have any ideas how we can improve this tab even more, feel free to share them in the comments below.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email.

Stay tuned a lot of new updates are coming soon.

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