New Redesign of the Cookie Bar tab for the GDPR/CCPA app

The newest update of our GDPR/CCPA app is live - the Cookie Bar tab redesign. We have upgraded the design of the tab and categorized all of the features for easier user navigation. This blog post will go through all the changes and show you what you can expect when clicking on the Cookie Bar tab.

New Cookie Bar tab design

When landing on the Cookie Bat tab you will see new sections separating the different app features into three categories: Cookie Bar Content, Cookie Bar Behavior, and Cookies Management. We made this design similar to the Integrations and Help Center tabs, with the idea of a better user experience.

Here is how the new sub-sections look in the Cookie Bar tab

When clicking on any of the sections, the other two will still be visible right below the Main tab section.

Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Content section

In the Cookie Bar Content section, we have placed the Cookie Bar Text, Preferences Popup Text, and Cookie Information Popup Text areas, in other words, all of the texts shown on your storefront as part of our app.

Cookie Bar Text area

Preferences Popup Text area

Cookie Information Popup Text area 

Note: As the Cookie Information popup is a premium feature, the option to edit the text is visible only to the paid users of the app.

Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Behavior section

In the Cookie Bar Behaviour section, we have placed the controls on how the Cookie bar acts in its Initial state - what cookies to directly block and how should the "Accept" and "Close" buttons react when clicked. 

Here is how the Cookie Bar Behaviour section looks like

In the "Initial state of the Cookie Bar section", you can select the default state of the Cookie bar for when a visitor has just opened your store and has not interacted with the bar. 

Here is how you can block the different cookie categories and how that will reflect on the Preference popup

"Regard the Initial State Of The Cookie Bar for the 'Accept' button" is where you pick how the Accept button will act when clicked. If you pick 'Yes', the button will regard the settings in the "Initial state of the Cookie Bar section" option, but if you choose 'No', the button will accept all cookie categories regardless of the selection.

"Action When the 'Close' Button is Clicked" is where you choose what your store will do when the "Close" button in the Cookie bar is clicked. 

Cookie Bar tab > Cookies Management section

In the Cookies Management section, we have placed additional tools specifically for managing the cookies on your store. 

The "Cookie Categories" fields are used for categorizing your store's cookies. Merchants on the Free plan can add/remove the cookies directly to their corresponding category below. Merchants on Paid plan can only view the cookies in the category fields and can manage the cookies using the Cookie Information Panel section located right under the cookie categories. 

Cookie Categories where free plan users can add/edit cookies directly

Cookie Categories view where paid users can see the cookies, but manage them from the Cookie Information Pannel situated below

The "Cookie Information Panel" is where you can look up, add and modify different cookies. In the "Display Cookie information" field you can choose if you want to display the Cookie Information Panel. If you choose 'Yes', you will be able to see additional cookie information in the Preferences Popup, as shown below: 

Next is the "Add cookie" field, where you can add a new cookie, its description, and select in which cookie category you want to place it.

Lastly, you have the "Select a cookie to modify" section - here you can edit the name, description, and category of an already existing cookie. 

The "Cookie Scanner" allows you to check all the cookies in your store when a customer visits for the first time. More information on the scanner you can find in our separate blog post, right here.

The last feature we have in this section is the "Cookie Information Table" where you can find out more about your cookies and add them to your store’s Privacy Policy page. For more information on the Cookie Information Table, we have a whole blog post solely focused on it, so click here to check it out.

So this is the new Cookie Bar tab design. Try out all of our new features in the  GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app and feel free to comment and engage however you want. We appreciate the feedback!

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