New Features in our Store Locator & Map app

We listened to your suggestions and added the most requested features to the Store Locator & Map app. Here they are: 

Description section on the Stores Listing page

This new feature is located in the General Settings of the app right under the Stores listing page title field: 

Once you save this, here is how it is going to look like in the Stores Listing page: 

Add a custom image for each store

One of the most requested features was the ability to add a custom photo for each store, i.e. a photo showing how the facade of your store looks like, so your customers won't miss it in the cases where the Google Map image/The Street View is not up to date, or simply showing a specific view of the inside of your store or even a specific discount banner only applicable for the respective store. You are only limited by your imagination here: 

Here is where you can set this up in the admin side of the app: 

As you can see you will need to make sure that the option for Show store image in the info window is set to Enabled and then upload your image. An important note here is the fact that you can only have an Image shown OR the Street View of the store. You can not have both. If both settings are enabled, the Street View will be shown with higher priority. 

Option to show the closest store to the client's location

This is what the customer will see if this option is enabled: 

In order to enable this option, you will need to navigate to the General Settings and look for the Show the closest shop to the client filed

No matter what Sort Order the closest store has on the Store Listing page, this option will find it and highlight it for the customer by showing his location as well. Of course, in order for this to work your website visitor will need to allow the location tracking for this page which will most probably popup as soon as he/she visits the page. 

And last but certainly not least: 

Custom and Predefined Pins

Another thing that we are very excited about is the ability to upload your own custom pin images or use our brand new predefined ones. The predifened pins that we will ship the module with are an exact replica of the logo of the app but with different color schemes so you could choose the one that will fit your map theme best. Here is how you can flip between the 3 options that we offer now: 




You have 18 different color options for the predefined pins: 

As you can see, you can choose among: the default pin, the custom image upload, or the predefined pins. Here are some examples on how they look like in the Store Listing page with different theme backgrounds: 

night theme

retro theme: 

silver theme: 

dark theme: 

standard theme: 

aubergine theme: 

And that's all there is to know about the new features. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below. If you are an existing user of the app and you want to see even more feature additions like these ones, please leave us a review here 

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