New design layouts for the Cookie bar and Preferences popup

One of the most significant updates we have made in the GDPR/CCPA app in 2022 is the addition of two new layouts of the Cookie bar. We did a lot of research into the design of the cookie bars that big brands like Burberry and Prada use and made versions of our own for our premium users.

The two new Cookie bar layouts are here to elevate your store to new heights! We named them Classic and Modern, based on their style and vision. Read on to see how to configure them. 

Configuring the new layouts 

To see the new Cookie bar layouts and all the different ways to customize them, go to the Design Settings tab > Bar Layout section. There you will be able to choose from the different types of Cookie bar layouts.

Here is where you can also change the position, and color, and adjust many other settings of the Cookie bar and Preferences popup.

Let's look into all of the different Cookie bar layouts separately.

The Default Cookie bar layout

Even if now we have multiple options to choose from, the default Cookie bar still stands! It's simple, intuitive, and straight to the point. It is the first button in the Bar Layout section and it is also the option for our free users. Here is how it looks in a store:

Cookie bar in bottom position

Cookie bar in bottom left position

The Classic Cookie bar layout

With this version of the Cookie bar, we wanted to bring a more classy and timeless look to stores using our app. We took inspiration from stores like Burberry and the end result came out amazing! Here is the Classic Cookie bar layout in a client's storefront:

Cookie bar in bottom position

Cookie bar in center (blocked content) position

The Modern Cookie bar layout

With the modern layout of the Cookie bar, we wanted to bring a more hip and clean look to the storefront. We looked at other big fashion names, like Prada, to get a feel for the right design. So, here is how it would look like on your store:

Cookie bar in top left position

Cookie bar in bottom position

This is all we wanted to present with this blog post! We know how much the design of the Cookie bar matters for your visual brand identity, so we are happy to have released two new ways to further customize your store and add a pinch of personality to it.

Don't forget to download the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app and try out our new Bar Layouts. We would love to see your personalized Cookie bar designs! We are always ready for any specific questions, so do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

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