[iSenseLabs Weekly 43] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

After a long wait, we have made one of our most anticipated releases - AnyPort! The backup and restore extension is now available both for OpenCart 1 and 2 with an entirely new algorithm and optimized performance.

Check the features of the initial releases below.

Another important update is the new version of NitroPack coming with key bug fixes and improved SSL support.

AnyPort 2.0 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Complete system backup and restore

Cloud backup and restore with Dropbox

Supports Automatic Backup (through cron jobs)

Chunked backup

Chunked restore

Performance optimizations

Using Dropbox chunked upload methods

New algorithm for chunked download from Dropbox

AnyPort 1.4 (OC 1.5.0.x to 1.5.6.x)

Chunked backup

Chunked restore

Performance improvements

Using Dropbox chunked upload methods

New algorithm for chunked download from Dropbox

Redesigned admin panel

NitroPack 2.5.3 (OC 2.x) NitroPack 1.8.3 (OC 1.x)

New feature: Add support for Memcached as a database cache engine

Improvement: DOM Parser iterator peek() method no longer relies on substr()

Improvement: Improved SSL support in the browser class

Improvement: Better fallback in the base CSS logic

Bug fix: The page cache widget gauge icon is now with inline display

Bug fix: Admin panel now word-breaks long CSS routes

Bug fix: Fix a bug with the upgrade logic when clear cache on product edit is enabled for the first time

Bug fix: Debug logging for minification now creates log file only in case of an error

Bug fix: Fix warning of ob_end_flush() for Apache SAPI

Bug fix: Resolve an issue with HTML comments closed by --!> instead of -->

Bug fix: Improved session start function

BrowserSupportCheck 2.2.1 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Improvement: OpenCart 2.3.x compatibility.

SmartNotifications 2.2.4 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Improvement: Functionality enable each popup for specific days of the week.

Feefo 2.3 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Improvement: OpenCart 2.3.x compatibility.

MailOnReturn 2.1 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Improvement: OpenCart 2.3.x compatibility.

ScheduledPriceChange 2.3 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

New Feature: Manually revert price changes

Bug fix: Automatic price change logic

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

The Ultimate Exit-intent Guide To Convert Abandoning Visitors

By Sleeknote

You are probably already familiar with the popups that appear triggered by an exit intent. Like everything digital-related, this can also undergo constant improvements to increase your chances of keeping more viewers and converting them into customers. The guide by Sleeknote can show you a few key steps that you may have missed with your popups.

What I Learned From Analyzing 12 Million Customer Reviews

By Nick Kolenda

Reviews are your most powerful sales advantage. If you can gather enough quality reviews that raise the consumer trust and customer loyalty of your store, you are good to go. However, you should first learn what type of reviews have the most influence and how you can set some rules and standards for the product reviews in your store.

10 Signs It’s Time to Grow Your Content Team

By Cristiano DeNardo

This article is for businesses that already have an advanced content marketing strategy ran by a single person or a team of people. If your team is facing the problems described in this article, it may be time for your content team to expand a bit. The work of a content marketer never ends and there’s no free moment, so having more than one or a few brains is highly recommended.

How Tibiona Optimized their OpenCart Store to Reach 70,000+ Customers

By iSenseLabs

We interviewed Aldo Bongiovanni, the founder of a large Italian business using an OpenCart store with more than 70,000 customers. They have been in the organic food business for many years and their company has grown significantly due to their strong online presence. A story that can inspire young entrepreneurs and seasoned merchants.

iSenseLabs Videos

How Do OpenCart Categories Work

This video tutorial will walk you through the basics on how to setup and manage your categories in OpenCart.

Pick of the Week

Jay Mantri is a source for beautiful free pictures that you can use for anything you want. An extensive showcase of quality photography.

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