iSenseLabs Weekly 117: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

View the order details of your guest customers for free in OpenCart 3.x!

GuestOrderView just got a compatibility update and you can now download the free extension for your OpenCart 3.x store.

Another important update is that PopupWindow now supports Journal 3 theme.

To keep your OpenCart store running smooth, stay up-to-date with the latest extension updates. Maintain your E-Commerce growth with the frequent updates to your OpenCart extensions!

OpenCart Extension Developers

New OpenCart Extension Updates Released

PopupWindow 3.3.3 | Download for OpenCart 3.x

Popup Window for OpenCart

 What's Improved? 

  • Compatibility with Journal 3

GiftTeaser 2.5.10 & 3.0.3 | Download for OpenCart 2.0.x - 3.0.x

Free Gift for OpenCart

 What's Fixed? 

  • Gift is now granted by tracking the number of individual product options selected and counting each option as an added product.

GuestOrderView 3.0 | Download for OpenCart 3.0.x

Guest Order Preview for OpenCart

 What's Improved? 

  • Compatibility with OpenCart 3.x

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How to Setup Your Footer in OpenCart 3.x

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A complete drill down of how Beardbrand made $30 into $100k. This growth marketing case study gives you 13 specific strategies you can get started on right now and watch as your online store gets revolutionised. We’re even excited to give a few of them a go. Solid inspiration that you can turn into action. Major effort by Sleeknote to reverse engineer an entire growth marketing strategy. Check it out now!

20 Conversion Optimization Tips for Zooming Past Your Competition

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What Happened on Social Media in September: Monthly Round-Up

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List of OpenCart Extensions Compatible with Journal 3 Theme

By iSenseLabs

Journal 3 is becoming a big hit for the OpenCart community. We’re already doing our best to provide support for all our OpenCart extensions so we’re sure they are compatible with the new Journal 3 theme. View the list that will be frequently updated when we release any Journal 3 compatibility improvements.

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