iSenseLabs Weekly 114: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

This weeks highlights were about Square and Instagram Shop Gallery.

After we released the new version of Square Payments for OpenCart with tons of new features, we had to show how to set it up. So, you got a video waiting for you down below.

You will learn how to get started with Square and get paid faster in your OpenCart store.

As for Instagram Shop Gallery, we have the new improvements ready so you can get familiar and build your first shoppable Instagram feed in OpenCart!

Get it at 20% off with Discount code IGSHOP. Ends Monday, Sept 10!

Get your free OpenCart extension updates!

New OpenCart Extension Updates Released:

InstagramShopGallery 2.1 & 3.1 | Download for OpenCart 2.x - 3.x

Instagram Shoppable Posts for OpenCart

 What's New  

  • Check if photo is available before show.
  • Show total likes and comment.
  • Added compatibility Journal2.

 What's Improved 

  • Close photo popup after add cart.
  • Toggle show all post description.
  • Added remove saved photos in database.

 What's Fixed 

  • Multi-store url in page alias setting.

MailOnReturn 3.1.2 | Download for OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart Mail on Return

 What's Improved 

OpenCart 3.0.x Compatibility.

InstagramLogin 2.2.10 | Download for OpenCart 2.x

OpenCart Login with Instagram

 What's Improved 

Improvements to the user details page.

InstagramLogin 3.2.10 | Download for OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart Login with Instagram

 What's Improved 

OpenCart 3.0.x Compatibility.

WhatsAppShare 3.3.4 | Download for OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart WhatsAppShare

 What's Improved 

OpenCart 3.0.x Compatibility.

PriceAlert 2.1.6 & 3.1.6 | Download for OpenCart 2.x - 3.x

OpenCart Price Alert

 What's Improved 

Journal3 Compatibility.

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OpenCart 3.1 is Coming Soon. What to Expect?

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OpenCart 3.1 is about to be released and we managed to get all the new stuff together. The open-source platform is preparing for an interesting launch with a few new features that might get a lot of store owners looking to upgrade. Like the built-in Upgrade feature! Or the new Cron jobs. Take a look and learn more about what’s about to come.

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