iSenseLabs Weekly 112: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

Are the OpenCart extensions in your E-Commerce store up to date? Are you running the latest features and improvements?

Here's what the iSenseLabs team brewed up during the past week.


  • Improvements to SEO for multi-store and multilingual sites
  • Free gifts compatibility with the new Journal 3
  • Social media login buttons (Twitter & LinkedIn) compatible with OpenCart 3.x

Also, if you haven't already learned, we have a brand new OpenCart extension!

It's called InstagramShopGallery and you can use it to display Instagram posts in your OpenCart store, assign products to them and start boosting your online sales with real customer photos and social proof!

It's an exciting and creative new way for OpenCart merchants to increase their sales, so check it out, we shared a post about it below!

OpenCart Extensions

New OpenCart Extension Updates Released:

SEO Backpack 3.8.4 | OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart SEO Backpack

 New Feature 

  • Multi-store and multi-language sitemap feed


  • Apply multi-store and multi-language for Custom URL redirects
  • Apply multi-store for Content Auto-Links
  • Apply multi-store for Search Engine Analytics
  • Apply multi-store for 404 Manager

 Bug Fixes 

  • Page crawler select current store as default
  • Page crawler template

SEO Backpack 2.8.4 | OpenCart 2.x

OpenCart SEO Backpack

 New Feature 

  • Multi-store and multi-language sitemap feed


  • Apply multi-language for Custom URL redirects

GiftTeaser 3.0.2 | OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart Free Gifts

 New Feature 

  • Compatibility with Journal 3 theme.

GiftTeaser 2.5.9 | OpenCart 2.x

OpenCart Free Gifts

 New Feature 

  • Compatibility with Journal 3 theme.

BotBlocker 3.3.2 | OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart Bot Blocker


  • Compatibility with OpenCart 3.0.x

TwitterLogin 3.3.6 | OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart Twitter Login


  • Compatibility with OpenCart 3.0.x

LinkedInLogin 3.1.8 | OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart LinkedInLogin


  • Compatibility with OpenCart 3.0.x

Best E-Commerce Knowledge Sources of the Week

Ecommerce Resources

5 Ways To Astonish Your Customers With Upscale Packaging

By Packhelp

Packaging is the silent salesman, as the guys from Packhelp say, and they do have experience with product packaging meant to impress. The unboxing of the product is a great opportunity for brands to continue and finish off their shopping experience with one final WOW. Check out the 5 ways to make your customers happy and give them more than they expect. A sure way to make them come back for more.

3 Ways to Introduce a Referral Program to Your E-Commerce Customers

By Viral Loops

Referral programs help brands stay ahead of the competition, always. People are always more likely to buy a product that as been referred to by a person rather than a business. Basic human psychology. How to do it? Make it the referral program onboarding easy, short and simple. Try using a landing page, email, messenger or any of your customers’ favorite channels.

13 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Statistics (Updated 2018)

By Growcode

Global conversion rates are still on the low end. Spread by industry, the lowest conversion rates are in the baby & child products industry (0.71%), while the highest conversion record is for the arts and crafts industry (4.01%). By country, Germany demonstrates the highest conversion rates, followed by the United States, while the 10th lowest score goes to Italy.

How to Sell More in OpenCart with a Shoppable Instagram Gallery

By iSenseLabs

Instagram shopping is seriously on the rise all over the E-Commerce landscape and it’s the new big thing for online stores. Brands are finding all sorts of creative new ways to promote their products and sell straight via Instagram with shoppable posts. While technologically this is still available just for some E-Commerce platforms, we found a way to get close with a shoppable Instagram gallery for your OpenCart store.

Basic OpenCart Management One Video at a Time

How to Create Bundles and Discounts in OpenCart 3.x

Time to get serious and start growing your OpenCart store. For real:

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Editor’s Choice: Freebie Pick of the Week

The Campaign URL Builder is the easiest way to add tracking tags to your links when sharing promotional content around the web. The data is shown in your Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Source / Medium.

Google UTM URL Builder

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