iSenseLabs Weekly 110: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

As businesses grow, it's sometimes easy to forget about some of your customer's needs and overlook details. This is something we're noticing all the time and it's taught us to not let it happen with our customers.

Sometimes we're too overloaded to add all the awesome features and improvements we want to our OpenCart extensions, which is why we do it one step at a time.

Here are the latest change logs for the extensions we updated in the last couple of weeks.

The highlights:

  • ComparePrices now lets you add a mandatory phone number field as well as GDPR Compliance compatibility.
  • CustomerPhotos now has an updated Instagram feed for displaying posts in your OpenCart store.
  • StorePickup plays better with Google Maps now.

As always - don't forget to update your OpenCart extensions regularly! ;)

OpenCart Extension Updates

ComparePrices 2.0.8 & 3.0.8 | OpenCart 2.x & 3.x

Compare Prices OpenCart


  • Add phone field and an option to set it as required.
  • Add the option to send an email to the customer after form submission.
  • Add new tab from which the client can filter through the reported prices.
  • GDPR-ready and integrated with GDPR Compliance by iSenseLabs.

CustomerPhotos 4.3.7 | OpenCart 3.x

Customer Photos OpenCart

 Bug Fixes 

  • Mark required field input
  • Hardcoded string to language variables
  • PHP tag leftover

CustomerPhotos 3.3.7 | OpenCart 2.x

Customer Photos OpenCart

 Bug Fixes 

  • Instagram photos feed
  • Check if Custom Tag is empty
  • Mark required field input
  • Hardcoded string to language variables

AskForQuote 3.5.2 | OpenCart 3.x

Ask For Quote OpenCart

 Bug Fix 

  • The price on the category page is not hidden when enabled for all products

StorePickup 2.1.5 & 3.1.6 | OpenCart 2.x & 3.x

Store Pickup OpenCart


  • Add support for individual Google Maps API key

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