iSenseLabs Weekly 108: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

This week at iSenseLabs we focused on bringing SMSBump to OpenCart 3 and resolving some minor issues with 2.x versions.

Follow the updates and get the app to automate your store to send out SMS notifications to your customers. You can use the app to send out confirmation and transactional text messages.

SMSBump supports options for sending to:

  • Specific numbers
  • Specific customers
  • All customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Affiliates
  • Affiliate Groups
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Customers Who Purchased Specific Products

OpenCart Extensions Development

OpenCart Extension Updates

ProductEnquiryForm 3.1.4 | OpenCart 3.x


  • Improvements to the multi-lingual support.

 Bug fixes 

  • Fix the value of the email subject and text variables for multilingual sites.
  • Fix issue with jQuery after removing our module.

SMSBump 3.0 | OpenCart 3.x

SMS Marketing for OpenCart


Initial release for OpenCart 3.0

SMSBump 1.7.3 & 2.6.4 | OpenCart 1.5.x & 2.3.x

SMS Marketing for OpenCart

 Bug fixes 

Minor issues and the API responses.

SMSBump for WordPress 3.0.x to 4.9.x

SMS Marketing for Wordpress

 Bug fixes 

Minor issues and the API responses.

Best E-Commerce Knowledge Sources of the Week

E-Commerce Insights

5 Tips to Get 195,000 YouTube Views per Month

By OkDork

Starting from optimizing your channel page and thumbnails, you can increase your views from suggested videos, video embedding and simply avoiding rookie video production mistakes like poor sound or long, boring intros. These tips are everything you need when you’ve already decided on what you want to say with your videos and YouTube channel.

Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide

By Backlinko

Want to dig deeper into your site’s SEO? Discover new optimization opportunities and tactics for boosting your ranks higher? These 5 chapters of focused knowledge will get you started and turn you into a Google Search Console pro. Learn how to optimize your site and use the data in your console to craft advanced strategies for getting more traffic and flow of new customers.

How to Use Power Words to Boost Your Email Conversions

By Sleeknote

A single word can provoke an emotional response that sparks a desired decision and action. This is what a power word is and using them can dramatically sway the decisions your users take when looking at your emails. Learn what power words should accomplish, which words spark emotion the most and how to invoke curiosity in your readers.

How to Update Your OpenCart Theme (Journal 3 Tutorial)

By iSenseLabs

So, we’ve talked about installing a new theme in your OpenCart store, but do you know how to update your theme? We decided to do a tutorial on updating your OpenCart theme using the upcoming Journal 3 RC.

Basic OpenCart Management One Video at a Time

Drive More Sales with Facebook Messenger for OpenCart 3.x

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