iSenseLabs Weekly 104: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

A big week just ended at the labs! We released a lot of new OpenCart extensions and we can’t wait for you to see them.

First, a big new release of GDPR Compliance with tons of new features and improvements.

Next, FacebookMessage now comes with a real-time chat that lets your customers start a conversation with you over Messenger without leaving your store!

iAnalytics finally gets support for OpenCart 3.x!

The great news are that iSearch Corporate and LabelMaker are almost ready for OpenCart 3.x as well, so stay tuned for them!

OpenCart Extension Updates

GDPR Compliance | All OpenCart Versions

 New Feature  Checkbox for privacy policy acceptance in the contact us form - this feature will be expanded over time for newsletter subscriptions and to other forms which require policy acceptance or opt-in/opt-out.

 New Feature  You can now set what to be the initial state of the cookie consent bar - keep all cookies, block marketing, block analytics, block both.

 New Feature  Added Custom CSS styling to the module.

 New Feature  Added newsletter opt-in/opt-out tracking. Implemented in customer registration and also in the "My Account" page. Can be enabled/disabled by the store owner. The "Opt-in/Opt-out" functionality can also be used from other, third-party modules as well. Check the "Integration with Third-Party Extensions.txt" file for more details.

 Improvement  Improved filter in the Opt-In/Opt-Out page in the admin panel.

 Improvement  Updated file "Integration with Third-Party Extensions.txt" with details about the new acceptance/opt-in/opt-out method.

 Improvement  Refactored the logic behind the cookie consent bar.

 Improvement  Updated file "Integration with Third-Party Extensions.txt" with details about the new acceptance/opt-in/opt-out method.

 Improvement  Updated the main language files with new/improved text strings.

 Bug Fix  Fixed the button placement issue in the cookie consent bar when the site is opened in Internet Explorer.

 Bug Fix  Removed the empty line from the front-end footer when the cookie consent bar is enabled.

 Bug Fix  Template loading fixes for OpenCart 1.5.x.

 Bug Fix  SSL fixes for OpenCart 1.5.x.

 Bug Fix  Fixed breadcrumb in the administration panel in OpenCart 1.5.x.

 Bug Fix  Many minor fixes & stability improvements.

 Bug Fix  Fixed date picker error in the Opt-In/Opt-Out list in the admin panel (OpenCart 1.5.x)

 Bug Fix  Fixed SSL minor issue with the link in the admin header in (OpenCart 1.5.x)

 Bug Fix  Fixed SSL issue with the cookie consent bar actions in (OpenCart 1.5.x)

FacebookMessage 1.3 | OpenCart 1.5.x & 2.5 | OpenCart 2.x

 Improvement  Update to Facebook real-time Customer Chat API.

 Improvement  Change inputs based on new API requirement.

 Bug Fix  Error throw on required input.

FacebookMessage 3.1 | OpenCart 3.x

 Improvement  Update to Facebook real-time Customer Chat API.

iAnalytics 3.4.1 | OpenCart 2.x

 Improvement  Compatibility with OrderSuccessPage.

 Improvement  Add filter group by at Sales report.

 Bug Fix  Sometimes the charts are not showing up.

iAnalytics 4.4 | OpenCart 3.x

 Improvement  Initial release for OpenCart 3.x.

NotifyWhenAvailable 2.8.12 | OpenCart 2.x

 Improvement  GDPR Compliance compatibility.

 Improvement  Add optional {comment_field} in notify popover.

 Improvement  Show product option in customer notification mail.

 Improvement  Show option count under product name in Statistics tab.

 Bug Fix  Error if products not exist in database.

 Bug Fix  Product options change not restore the add to cart button.

NotifyWhenAvailable 3.8.9 | OpenCart 3.x

 Improvement  GDPR Compliance compatibility

 Improvement  Option to replace Add to cart button or display the Notify Me button additionally.

 Bug Fix  Additional check for empty options array when exporting to CSV.

Yotpo 3.2.1 | OpenCart 3.x

 Bug Fix  Proper detection of default system review status.

Feefo 2.4.3 | OpenCart 2.x


 New Feature  Add customer mobile number to the xml feed.

DiscountOnNextPurchase 2.2.6 | OpenCart 2.x & 3.2.6 | OpenCart 3.x

 Bug Fix  Fixed an error when no discounts have been set up

GiftTeaser 2.5.8 | OpenCart 2.x

 Bug Fix  The module now correctly handles gifts on servers whose PHP and MySQL timezone settings differ.

 Bug Fix  Included polyfills for missing functionality in Internet Explorer, so the module no longer causes Javascript errors on older browsers.

GiftTeaser 3.0.1 | OpenCart 3.x

 Bug Fix  Configured gifts can now be deleted in the admin

 Bug Fix  Products offered as gifts now have their gift notification displayed

 Bug Fix  The available gifts layout module is now not displayed if none of the gifts are currently available

 Bug Fix  The module's static resources are now not loaded when the module is disabled

 Bug Fix  Using gift condition 4 no longer causes an error when there are no products in the cart

 Bug Fix  Included polyfills for missing functionality in Internet Explorer, so the module no longer causes Javascript errors on older browsers

 Bug Fix  The module now correctly handles gifts on servers whose PHP and MySQL timezone settings differ

FacebookStore 3.0.8 | OpenCart 3.x

 Bug Fix  Fixed an issue that was causing totals modules to not be regarded by the module.

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A Faster Way to Turn Chat Into Sales with the New OpenCart Facebook Messenger Extension

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