iSenseLabs Weekly 103: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions

Today is the day the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect.

From this day on, your OpenCart website must be compliant with the rules, or you’re under the threat of the crippling penalties.

The GDPR Compliance extension for OpenCart got its new version where we introduced all the new features you can see below.

OpenCart Extension Updates

GDPR Compliance 1.3, 2.3, 3.3 | All OpenCart Versions

 New Feature  SEO URL to the GDPR tools page - You can now specify a more user-friendly link to your GDPR tools page

 New Feature  Show a Button Which Reveals the Cookie Consent Bar - Allows you to display a small button, which can be used by your customers to change their cookie preferences at a later point.

 New Feature  Added link to the GDPR page in the "My Account" page

 New Feature  Journal2 Checkout compatibility (OpenCart 2.x. and 3.x only)

 Improvement  Added information about the translations of the module in the .ZIP file. Check the file "Extension Translations.txt" for more details

 Improvement  Added upgrade instructions. Can be found in the file "Upgrade Instructions.txt"

 Improvement  Improved installation instructions.

 Improvement  More stable mail sending functionality

 Bug Fix  Fixed email being sent only on the main language when the site is multilingual

 Bug Fix  Fixed error with getCustomerAddresses() on customers with no zone set in their addresses

 Bug Fix  Other minor fixes & stability improvements

ImportantMake sure to clear these after installation:
  • OpenCart TWIG cache (OpenCart 3.x)

  • Journal 2 cache (If you use Journal)

  • NitroPack cache (If you use NitroPack)

  • Cloudflare cache (If you use Cloudflare)

  • Any other caching extension's cache

  • Browser cookies & cache

Best E-Commerce Knowledge Sources of the Week

GDPR Must Do’s for Facebook Advertisers (5-Point Checklist)

By Connectio

The Facebook Pixel is now also under the GDPR’s radar and you must use a cookie consent bar when you use the pixel as well. Also, don’t share the personal data of your audience with tools and third-parties that aren’t GDPR compliant, because you fall under the risk of getting penalized. A lot more tips to follow in the article, so check it out if you’re a regular Facebook Advertiser.

Popups and GDPR: What You Need to Know

By Wise Pops

This guide features all the tips you need to know about designing your popups in a way that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. Remember, it’s not just about being compliant with a law, but following its main purpose - to give clarity and control to your users. Make all changes with that state of mind.

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By ICO News

If you want to get yourself fully acquainted with all the provisions of the GDPR and learn what organisations must do to comply, check this comprehensive guide. It has in-depth information about the privacy policy requirements, the way your site handles cookies and the controls your users must have for your store to be compliant with the regulation.

GDPR Compliance For OpenCart FAQ

By iSenseLabs

After releasing GDPR Compliance for OpenCart, we had requests for new features and a lot of OpenCart merchants giving us feedback about their preferences for the extension. So, we listened and kept updating the module to fit the GDPR and customer requirements. Here are the most commonly asked questions about the module. Let us know if you have one too!

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