iSenseLabs Weekly 101: What's New in Your OpenCart Modules

This Friday, we have some great updates for your Product Management and Facebook Shopping extensions.

When your OpenCart store is filled with a lot of awesome products, you need to be able to manage them at once and be able to apply a single change to multiple items.

With the new features of ProductManager, you can now filter your products by tons of criteria, like items with or without Discounts, Specials, Options or Attributes and make bulk changes like add new discounts or replace existing ones.

Scroll down to get acquainted with the rest of the updates! 

Oh, one more thing.
Check out the E-Commerce articles below to find out if you’re compliant with GDPR and whether you will have to make some changes to your strategy.

OpenCart Extension Updates

ProductManager 3.1.4 | OpenCart 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x

 New Feature  Added single and bulk edit, and filter by Store

 New Feature  Added option to insert or replace bulk product Options

 New Feature  Added equals sign operation to bulk Special and Discount

 New Feature  Added filter product with or without Special, Discount, Option and Attribute

 New Feature  Added SEO Backpack compatibility: multilanguage URL keyword and auto-generate

 Improvement  Special and Discount price now accepting float number

 Improvement  Remember column order when the page reloads

 Improvement  Remember filter input when the page reloaded and clear button

 Improvement  Single/ bulk edit and filter autocomplete show more item

 Improvement  Keyboard enter to apply the filtering

 Bug fix  Module becoming unresponsive when doing a lot of bulk edit

 Bug fix  Issue when adding the same item to Categories and Filter in bulk edit

 Bug fix  Use admin config limit as default filter limit

 Bug fix  Missing language flag on bulk edit product Name

 Bug fix  Undefined variables at the controller

 Bug fix  Compatibility with ExcelPort

FacebookStore 3.0.7 | OpenCart 3.x

 Improvement  Support for Facebook accounts that are an administrator of more than 25 pages

 Bug fix  Deleted or disabled categories no longer cause error messages

FacebookStore 2.5.8 | OpenCart 2.0.x to 2.3.x

 Improvement  Support for Facebook accounts that are an administrator of more than 25 pages

 Bug fix  Deleted or disabled categories no longer cause error messages

 Bug fix  Showing the correct custom page tab name in the module settings

AdvancedSorting 1.3.4 | OpenCart 2.0.x to 2.3.x & 3.0.1 | OpenCart 3.x

 New Feature  Add sort by quantity

 Improvement  Sorting visibility option

 Bug fix  Missing language variable

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