iSenseLabs and Analyzify join forces in a new partnership

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Analyzify. We believe that this collaboration will add value to the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app and will be beneficial to both our companies. This integration guarantees:

GDPR compliant Google Tag Manager for your Shopify store

We know it is challenging to set up the Google Tag Manager in a way that will be compliant with the latest regulations.

That is why we decided to provide you with some more details on how the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management and Analyzify can help in resolving this issue.

If you block the Google Tag Manager until consent is given, it becomes GDPR friendly. However, the tags are not triggered immediately after the user provides consent. The GTM starts working on the following pages that the user visits. Unfortunately, the tracking is not working accurately, as the GTM has not been present on the landing page. 

Another common problem is that Shopify merchants allow Google Tag Manager to be triggered before a user gives consent. That is against GDPR unless the GTM configuration is done by a professional. 

The ideal setup that Analyzify & GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management provide together is: 

  • When a user visits the website, the Analyzify GTM container is loaded, but it does not trigger any tags until the user gives consent. 
  • When the user gives consent, GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management pushes an event to the dataLayer and makes the consent details instantly available for Google Tag Manager.
  • Analyzify GTM container triggers the tags according to the consent immediately without waiting for another page to be loaded. 

You avoid the following problems with this setup:

  • You don’t trigger any pixels/tags before the consent is provided. 
  • The tracking starts as soon as the user provides consent, not on the next page. 

How the dataLayer looks like when the GDPR app is not triggered:

How the dataLayer changes when the GDPR app is triggered:

About Analyzify

Analyzify is an all-in-one Shopify data-analytics app that takes care of your data collection. You can set up the app in minutes and start accumulating data through multiple channels, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Conversions, Universal Analytics, and many others for your Shopify store. There is no need to have any coding experience in order to set up the app. Moreover, their support team can set up everything for you free of charge. The only thing you need to do is provide them with access. 

Analyzify app will help you collect and evaluate correct data based on actual metrics. That way, you will be able to choose the best marketing strategy and improve your sales.

If you are interested in finding out more about the app, check here.

Feel free to contact us via chat or email if you need our assistance.

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