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iProductVideo allows you to add YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted HTML5 videos to your products.

The way the module works is that the video can be assigned either as a hero image (main image) or secondary image.

In the latter case the video will be displayed as a thumbnail so when a client clicks it the video pops up in an inline window.

Below we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions.

I installed iProductVideo but for some reason it does not work for me. What might be the problem?

In this section we have isolated a few instances of the most common issues related to iProductVideo.

Possible issue #1. Module not installed properly

Solution: If the module does not redirect the language and/or currency correctly, most of the time the problem stems from the fact that the OCMod file has not been installed properly. Or modifications are not refreshed, hence they are not applied.

Here is a guide on how to install modules in OpenCart 2.x: https://isenselabs.com/posts/how-to-install-or-delete-modules-in-opencart-20

Now, a very important part of the module's installation is making sure we Refresh the modifications.

To do that we need to go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh as in the image above. 

From what I can see the module is accessed differently in OpenCart 1.5.x and OpenCart 2.x. Can you give me a hint on the differences?

iProductVideo has two approaches for adding videos in OpenCart 1.5.x and OpenCart 2.x.

We will go into finer details but as a summary you upload the videos via the Product pages in OpenCart 1.5.x while in 2.x you upload the videos via the Extensions/Modules page.

Let's start with OpenCart 1.5.x first.

In OC 1.5.x the video is assigned directly to the products.

What you need to do to assign a new video is go to Catalog > Products. From there, select the product that you want to add a new video to and click on Images.

On the right hand side you will see a link for adding videos from Vimeo or YouTube and a upload button if you decide to add your own videos.

One small reminder that iProductVideo supports MP4, WebM or Ogg.

For OC 2.x, the module has its own settings which are accessible from Extensions > Modules > iProductsVideo.

From there you can set the videos for each product.

Sometimes at the end of the video, I am seeing other peoples videos or advertisements. Is it possible to just show the thumbnail or beginning of the video instead and no ads?

Unfortunately this depends largely on YouTube and Vimeo. The module only plays the video which is already created on the video platforms.

The best way to avoid this is if you choose to upload a HTML video.

Alternatively you can create your own channel where you put related videos at the end of each video and in this way clients will be seeing your videos at the end of each video.

I am having a problem with my video gallery. Why is that?

Some OpenCart themes use different galleries which may cause iProductVideo not to display properly on the front end.

Although we have done a great deal of work to accommodate most themes, including Journal and the default OpenCart theme.

If it happens that iProductVideo does not work for any particular reason always make sure to open a support ticket with us at https://isenselabs.com/tickets/open

I am already using the module on OpenCart 1.5.x. How can I migrate my videos and links from OpenCart 1.5.x to OpenCart 2.x?

In order to migrate the module settings you can backup these database tables:

  • oc_setting
  • oc_iproductvideo
  • oc_iproductvideo_description
  • oc_iproductvideo_meta

This will help you migrate all URL link videos. If the videos you have added are not Youtube or Vimeo videos but uploaded ones, you would also need to manually upload them to this location:

  • vendors/iproductvideo/uploaded_videos/ 

Is it possible to add videos to a categories instead of products?

With iProductVideo, you can assign videos only to product pages.

However, we have another product, VideoPublisher, which allows you to add a widget to the category page.

For more information on the product, please check out the module here, or view the demo here.

Hope this post suits you well. Let us know if you have any questions about the module in the section below.

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