Important changes in the GDPR/CCPA app plans and features

In iSenseLabs our mission remains to deliver good solutions that empower organizations to uphold data privacy and foster trust with their users by offering freedom of choice with the GDPR/CCPA app. In that sense, we are revamping our plans with updated prices. With this blog post, we will explain all the plan updates and what features users can find in each one.

Free Plan

Up to 10k page views/mo - 10k visits a month before the quota is reached and the Cookie bar is disabled. Suitable for starter, development, freelance or non-profit organizations.

Quick Setup - Three easy-to-follow steps for initial setup of the app

Cookie Bar + Preferences - The banner and popup that show up when customers visit your store. Through them, they can easily accept or partially/fully reject the cookies for the compliance laws. 

Compliance pages - With the installation of the app you automatically generate Compliance pages where customers can submit their Data Subject Requests as per their needs.

Data Subject Requests - Customers can submit requests for data edits, GDPR reports, account deletions, and more.

EU languages ready - Ready translations of the Cookie bar and Preferences popup in all 24 EU languages.

Mobile Ready - The Cookie bar is designed to be compatible with tablet and mobile screens.

Chat support - The support team is available through chat to assist with any problems or queries. 


Standard Plan

All in Free + - All of the features mentioned in the Free plan are also available in the Standard plan.

Up to 30k page views/mo - 30k visits a month before the quota is reached and the Cookie bar is disabled. Suitable for stores starting to get traction. 

More Design Features - Even more design options for the Cookie bar. Select from our Modern and Classic layout positions. 

Auto translation - We have integrated our app with the most commonly used translation apps in the Shopify app store.

Blocking of services - Ready scripts for further blocking the most popular tracking services (ex. GA, GA4, GAds, GTM, GCM, and FB Pixels).

Cookie Information Panel - Add, edit, or delete cookies from any cookie group in the Preferences popup.

Cookie Lists Tables - Genated table with all of the cookies on your store sorted per category, easily copied and pasted wherever needed.


Plus Plan

All in Standard + - All of the features mentioned in the Standard plan are also available in the Plus plan.

Up to 100k page views/mo - 100k visits a month before the quota is reached and the Cookie bar is disabled. Suitable for stores with solid waves of visitors

Free language setup - Our Support team will assist with the configuration of the language you choose.

Bots and crawlers blocking - An additional protection layer will be added against bots and crawlers on your store.

Reset Consent - If there is a change in the Privacy Policy, the Cookie bar can be shown to customers again in order for them to accept the new terms.

Cookie Scanner - All of the cookies present in your store, when a customer visits, will be shown here.

Cookie Bar Widget - You can display a small button in the corner of the screen that allows visitors to reopen the Preferences popup.


Enterprise Plan

All in Plus + - All of the features mentioned in the Plus plan are also available in the Enterprise plan.

Unlimited page views - More than 100k visits a month. Suitable for Shopify Plus stores.

AWS Global CDN - Enhanced consent security and location detection with Amazon content delivery network (CDN).

Free blocking script setup - Our Support team will assist in configuring the blocking scripts for the tracking services on your store.

Custom code adjustments - Our Support team will assist with possible customizations as per your needs.

Expert Support - Only available for Enterprise users, support will be prioritized at the start of the day.


Notice for existing users

If you are already running a plan with us, you will continue on the same terms. If you decide to upgrade, then you need to accept the new terms. The features that are now upgraded to higher plans will be locked with the existing settings. Meaning your customizations in the app will not be removed or changed, but to modify them, users will have to upgrade their plan. 

For more information on the features and their use, check out our All Features table in the Upgrade Plan section in the GDPR/CCPA app. If you need additional information or have questions about the change of plans and features, don't hesitate to contact us at or through chat.

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