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iAnalytics is a native analytics system for OpenCart. In this section we will explore common questions and answers.

Let's get started.

I installed iAnalytics but for some reason it does not work for me. What might be the problem?

Possible reason #1. Module was not installed properly

Make sure the module is installed properly.

If the module does not collect data, most often the problem stems from the fact that the OCMod file has not been installed properly. Another reason could be modifications are not refreshed, hence they are not applied.

Here is a guide on how to install modules in OpenCart 2.x.

Now, a very important part of the module's installation is making sure we Refresh the modifications.

To do that we need to go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh as in the image above.

Possible reason #2. Paused Data Gathering

Sometimes the data may have stopped gathering because you may have paused gathering data.

To make sure this is not the case, you can check the menu under Data > Pause Gathering Data

Possible reason #3. The three "E's"


Always make sure you have enabled the module settings from iAnalytics > Settings:

  • Status
  • Collect After-Sale data
  • Google Analytics tracking

This should do the work.

In case you are still facing issues you can reach out to our support team here.

How big is the delay between the iAnalytics dashboard and the analytics data?

The data should show up instantly when something happens in your site.

With that said, you should not experience any delays in the data, than can be tracked with the module. 

Do I need to disable the native OpenCart analytics tracking module when activating iAnalytics for accurate numbers in Google Analytics?

Just in case you are wondering by default OpenCart Google Analytics we are referring to the one on System > Settings > Server > Google Analytics Code.

By iAnalytics Google E-Commerce implementation we are referring to the one in Admin >  Analytics > Settings > Google Account ID Number.

Please mind that for 2.3.x you will find the module in Admin > Extensions > Analytics > Google Analytics.

No, you do not need to disable it. The default OpenCart Google Analytics module does not interfere with the iAnalytics data.

How can I set up Google Analytics for my OpenCart Store?

You can set up Google Analytics and learn more about it by reading this quick post.

A few important things about iAnalytics and Google Analytics:

1. E-Commerce tracking: Google E-Commerce Tracking has to be activated from the store settings.
2. Tracking users VS order transactions: Adding the Google Account ID Number in the settings is only for the transactions for the orders that get pushed to Google Analytics. You still have to add the default Google Analytics code in your website in order to track your visits from there.
3. Order info: iAnalytics provides order data to Google Analytics.

How Can I translate iAnalytics module settings it in my language?

iAnalytics module is fully multi-lingual, meaning that you need to translate only the module language files. How to do that?

Access the module language file from:

admin/language/english/module/ianalytics.php (for OC 2.3.x the path is admin/language/english/extension/module/ianalytics.php) and copy it.

Paste the file in your language module folder under:

admin/language/YOUR_LANGUAGE/module/ (for OC 2.3.x admin/language/YOUR_LANGUAGE/extension/module/) and change the text inside the single quotes after the equal sign.

// Text
$_['text_module']         = 'Modules';
$_['text_success']        = 'Success: You have modified module iAnalytics!';
$_['text_success_activation']        = 'ACTIVATED: You have successfully activated iAnalytics!';
$_['text_content_top']    = 'Content Top';
$_['text_content_bottom'] = 'Content Bottom';
$_['text_column_left']    = 'Column Left';
$_['text_column_right']   = 'Column Right';

// Entry
$_['entry_code']          = 'iAnalytics status:';
$_['entry_layouts_active']          = 'Activated on:';
$_['entry_highlightcolor']        = 'Highlight color:<br /><span class="help">This is the color the keyword in the results highlights in.<br/><br/><em>Examples: red, blue, #F7FF8C</em></span>';

// Error
$_['error_permission']    = 'Warning: You do not have permission to modify module iAnalytics!';
$_['error_code']          = 'Highlight color is required';

$_['deleted_keyword']      = 'Success: You have deleted the keyword.';
$_['deleted_analytics_data'] = 'All analytics data has been cleared.';

Save the file and check the result.

That’s all!

Have a question about iAnalytics which is not part of this Q&A? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via the comment section below the module. For more Q&As you can check our FAQ section in our Blog.

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