How to translate the GDPR/CCPA app by using LangShop

Next up in our Translation blog post series is the LangShop app. In this article, we will show you the translation process of the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app by using LangShop. Let's jump right in.

Initial settings of the app

Before we start translating, let's take a look at the admin side of the LangShop app.

1. Navigate to the Apps section

2. Go to the LangShop app

When entering the admin side of the app, you will see the dashboard with all the languages used in your store.

Here is how the admin side of the app looks like

Here the first thing you should do is configure the language switcher to do so follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Settings tab

2. Go to Switchers

3. Next, make sure to Publish the switcher. Đ¢hat way it will be visible on the storefront.

4. The last step is to customize the outlook of the switcher

Here is how the language switcher looks like on the storefront

Once you finish with the configuration of the language switcher, it is time to add the language you want to use for translating your store’s content.

1. Navigate to the Settings tab

2. Go to Languages

3. In order to add a new language click on the Add new button

4. Find the language you want to use 

5. When choosing the language a new window will open. By default, the whole content of your store is selected for translation. In order to start the translation process just click on the Translate button.

6. The next step is to Publish the language that you have just added, so it will be visible on the storefront

Once you have the language selected and added, the content of your store will be automatically translated. Now we will show you how you can translate the Cookie Bar and Preferences Popup of our app.

Translating the GDPR/CCPA app

In order to translate the Cookie bar and Preferences Popup, you need to use the Dynamic text option. By using it you will be able to translate popups, animated banners, and other dynamic elements.

1. Navigate to the Translations tab

2. Select Themes

3. Then, go to the Dynamic text section and click on the Translate button

4. Add ">" in the Previous char

5. In the Original text field add the part of the Cookie Bar or Preferences Popup that you want to translate

6. In the Next char add "<"

7. Once you add the whole content that you want to translate, select the sections that will be translated

8. Then, click on the Translate button

By following the same steps you are able to translate each part of the Cookie Bar and Preferences Popup. When you are done with the translation go to your storefront to check the result.

Here is how the translated Cookie Bar and Preferences Popup look on the storefront

The GDPR/CCPA Compliance pages are also automatically translated.

Here is how the translated in German GDPR Compliance page looks like 

By submitting any request on this page, you will see that the additional messages are also translated into German.

How the translated Data collection text looks like

How the translated confirmation for the submitted request looks like

In order to help you with the translation process, we have created a step-by-step video tutorial available in our YouTube channel:

And that is all for the translation of the GDPR/CCPA app with LangShop.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us via chat or email.

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