How to make your Shopify store compliant with the new CCPA Do Not Sell Rule?

If your business is operating in California, or you have customers based in this state, you need to make sure that your Shopify store is compliant with the CCPA Do Not Sell My Personal Information Rule. In this article, we will take a look at the steps you need to follow in order to comply with these regulations.

What is the CCPA Do No Sell My Personal Information rule and how it can affect my business?

This rule gives all California residents the right to decline businesses selling their personal data. It includes several requirements:

  • Your store must have a separate section called Do Not Sell My Personal Information, which allows the customers to opt out of selling their personal information.
  • You have to link this section to your homepage.
  • Your customers must have the right to submit the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" request without having to create an account.
  • Your store must have a Privacy Policy page that includes a link to this Do Not Sell My Personal Information section.
  • Your business must respect the customers' decision for at least 12 months.

If your business is affected by CCPA, you should take measures to comply with this rule. Even though that your store may not have a physical presence in the state of California.

How to be compliant with the Do Not Sell My Personal Information rule by using the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app?

We have recently applied all the necessary changes to the CCPA Compliance page in order to facilitate the process for our users. Here is what you need to do to make sure that your store fulfills the requirements.

        1. Navigate to the admin side of the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app. A popup message will notify you that: "We have updated the CCPA Compliance page to reflect the new Do Not Sell My Personal Information rule applicable for California. In order to update your CCPA Compliance page, please click on the button below."

        2. When pressing the Update CCPA Page button, your Compliance page will be automatically updated.

      3. Click on the View Your CCPA page button in order to review the applied changes.

       4. When opening the CCPA Compliance page a new section called Do not sell my personal information should be added.

       5. To see how the new CCPA page looks like on your storefront click on the View page button.

    6. Here is how the updated Compliance page should look like.

          7. In order to check whether everything is working correctly, try submitting a request by clicking the Do not sell my personal information link.

          8. After submitting the request a notification email should be sent to the admin of the store.

        9. The Do Not Sell My Personal Information request should be logged in the Admin Panel of the app, as well.

The next thing you should do is composing the Do Not Sell My Personal Information link. It consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: The current CCPA Page link, which you can access by opening your CCPA Compliance page and copying the page URL.

Here is an example of the URL

Part 2: The selection code for the Do Not Sell My Personal Information section:


In total the CCPA Compliance page URL concatenated with the selection code should be similar to this:

Here is how our Do Not Sell My personal Information link looks like

Last but not least you should add the Do Not Sell My Information link to your homepage. We recommend you adding it to the footer, that way your customers can easily access it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

       1. Navigate to Online Store

       2. Click Navigation

       3. Select Footer Menu

         4. Click on the Add menu item

         5.  Add a name of the link

         6. Add the link that you have already created

         7. To confirm the changes click Add

In order to check the final result navigate to the footer menu of your store. This is how the added link should look like:

In order to help you we have created a dedicated video for this change:

That's that for the new CCPA updates.

Feel free to contact us via chat or email in case of any difficulties or check our FAQ page.

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