How to Get an Invoice for Your iSenseLabs Extensions

We are very happy to introduce the newest feature in your iSenseLabs user accounts - invoices!

You can now get your own invoice without having to go back and forth in communication with our team and experience any waiting time.

So, if you need an invoice for the OpenCart extensions you get at iSenseLabs, follow these steps.

Step 1

Log into your account.

In your Dashboard, open the menu called Billing history.

The Billing history field will show you all of the transactions that are eligible for an invoice.

Question: What can I get an invoice for?

This includes all transactions that have occurred via monetary payment using PayPal, bank transfer or debit/credit card.


* Includes Premium Services such as Customizations, Installation & Upgrade, etc.

* Does not include products purchased via or purchases with vouchers.

You will notice the Get Invoice button. Click it.

To get an invoice, you need to have your company details added to your iSenseLabs account.

This notification will appear if your company details are missing.


Step 2

Enter your company details.

In your dashboard menu, you have a field called Edit account.

Open it and scroll down.


The Invoice details are located below your general account details.

Fill in each field with accurate information about your company, including:

  • Company Name

  • Company Address and Additional Details

  • Company Country

When finished, click Save.


Step 3

Get your invoice!

Go back to your Billing history field and click the Get Invoice button.

The invoice will come in PDF form:



That’s it! You can now get invoices on your own the easy and fast way.

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