A Gaming Store that Triggered Triple Growth in Revenue with OpenCart

There are many online stores that are powered by OpenCart. All of them have their own unique story and each stands out in their own way.

This story comes from Gramno, a gaming site that started with WordPress and WooCommerce, but eventually made the decisive move to OpenCart and that’s what started a rapid change...

Introduce your business with a few words. What are you specializing in?

Gramno is a Gaming store that sells Games, Prepaid Cards and Services for popular games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

We specialize in offering services for Games like Leveling and improving your Ranks in those Games.

Tell us about your website and the tools you are using?

In 2009 - 2014 we used WordPress and WooCommerce, to be honest I never liked WooCommerce and in 2014 I saw some competing sites using Magento and OpenCart.

I talked with my developer what would our best option be for the new website and he explained to me that Magento is great but itís a nightmare to install and to maintain and it will cost a lot more than OpenCart.

After checking some themes and both marketplaces and admin panels I chose OpenCart for our new website, mainly because it's simple and the pricing for modules and development is a lot cheaper than Magento.

In July 2014 I found the perfect theme for our new E-Commerce site called Gadgeteric from iSenseLabs. That's my first product I bought from iSenseLabs and I am still using modules and custom works from them.

What I love about OpenCart are the modules. You can customize almost anything with them.

We use modules to fix some main issues with OpenCart like SEO, E-Commerce tracking, and Cache modules for faster site speed.

Modules that improve options in OpenCart are important for us because our products have a lot of options to choose from.

Modules we use for better user experience are Facebook Login and Quick Checkout.

There are modules we use for marketing like Abandoned Cart Reminder, Review Invite, Order Follow-Ups and Popup Window.

What has been your growth for the past few years?

From 2015 - 2016 the growth has been amazing we nearly tripled our revenue, in 2017 we have a stable revenue similar to 2016.

How do you promote your products online? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Most of our sales come from Gaming Forums where we Advertise and we do SEO for better rankings on Google and Bing.

We try to have better pricing than our competition and similar or better quality of the service.

What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs and future store owners?

1) Check out the best E-Commerce website and see the marketing and design techniques they are using and try to mimic that.

2) Don't try to use every social platform, find the right social platform for you and deliver the best quality there.

3) Once you have your first time buyers try to motivate them to become your second time or third time buyers with special promotions.

It's a lot cheaper to advertise to existing customers than it is to find new ones.


What you can take away from Gramno’s story is a lesson about finding the perfect balance between cost-effective solutions and the right investments. In their case, the most cost-effective solution has been to switch to a more affordable platform like OpenCart. Still, they are realistic and know when and what to invest in, so they chose to invest in additional E-Commerce modules, advertising and SEO.


The result?

“We nearly tripled our revenue…”

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