GDPR/CCPA app plans

Basic vs Premium? Which plan will work for you based on your store traffic? Below you can find what each of our three plans offers.

  • Free Plan - up to 10k page visits a month

  • Standard Plan (Most Popular) - from 10k - 30k page visits a month

  • Pro Plan - more than 30k page visits a month

What is “Page visits”?

A page visit is considered whenever the Cookie Consent Bar is loaded on your website for your customers while browsing the store.

I.e, If a customer lands on your home page, does not interact with the cookie banner, and then navigates to a product page - the Cookie Consent Bar will be loaded twice - once on your home page and once on your product page. This is what number will be added to your Quota limit information located in the Global settings tab in the admin side of the app. If this same customer has accepted the cookie on the second page they landed on (the product page listed above) the number added here will be 2.

If a customer accepts the cookies from his first visit to your website, the bar for this person will be loaded only once which will go with a number of 1 in your Quota limit information. Once this is done, the page visits will be counted for each page, in which the customer navigates. This is happening because our app is loaded in every page of your store, in order for the cookies and services to be blocking accordingly to each customer's preferences.

Quota limit

The quota limit is the maximum number of page visits your store plan allows. So, if you are on a Free plan and you see the quota limit popup, this means that you have reached the 10k page visits maximum for this plan.

If you organize discounts or promotional campaigns in your store, then it is very likely that you will exceed your monthly quota of page visits. In this case, we would advise upgrading your plan, at least for the time being, to the next available one. After finishing the promotion, you will still have the option to downgrade if you believe that the traffic will go down as well. However, if you reach your quota without any promotional activities, then we would for sure advise on upgrading your plan.

This is what the traffic quota message looks like in the admin. Email notification for reaching your quota limit will be sent to you, as well.

Notification in admin

Email notification

More information on the plans, and what they include exactly you will be able to find in the Upgrade Plan tab on the admin side of the app. There, you will be able to see the plan that you are currently using and the plans available for upgrade/downgrade.

Premium plans

Standard & Pro plans offer many additional features like Language Browser Detection. If your store is multilingual, our app automatically detects the language that the customer is currently using and translates the GDPR/CCPA request pages and emails into the corresponding language, which we have already translated. If the store is viewed in a language, which we do not have translated, the app uses the one set by default in the settings.

You can decide what types of cookies your visitors will see in the preferences popup by using the Cookie Information Panel feature. 

By enabling it, you can add a custom cookie, add a description, and assign it to an existing category: 

You can Choose a cookie to modify by selecting an existing cookie and editing its description and/or category.

After you save the settings your preferences popup will look like this:

Upon clicking on the arrows, your visitors can see each cookie associated with the respective category and also check the additional information listed under them as part of their description:

Enable for all countries feature allows your Cookie Consent Bar to be shown worldwide to every customer visiting your store.

Whenever you change/update your privacy policy, you can prompt all of your customers to accept the new terms and conditions by showing the Cookie Consent Bar once again, by using the Reset Customer Consent feature.


The Cookie scanner helps you to extract all the cookies that your store creates. It shows you all of the cookies that are present in your store when a customer visits your website for the first time. Just click the Scan for cookies button

Last but not least, by using a premium plan, you can customize your GDPR/CCPA pages & emails. You are able to change background and button colors, add logos, create a custom email sender and custom email header/footer.

If a customer submits a request for editing personal account information, exporting order details, or requesting a report, they can receive a completely customized email notification based on your brand.

By interacting with the Click here button, the customer will be forwarded to a custom-designed page, on which they can update, export, or delete the requested information.

A custom-designed page for editing account information.

A custom-designed page for exporting order details

A custom-designed page for account deletion.

In conclusion, we can say that our app will give you all the required tools to have your store GDPR compliant. However, the premium plans will allow your visitors to have a more personalized experience.

Our GDPR/CPPA + Cookie Management app offers great features that you will not find anywhere else. Download it now to test them all - a 15-day free trial for the basic plan and a 3-day free trial for the premium ones.

For any specific questions, contact us via chat or email, or check our FAQ page available 24/7.




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