GDPR for Shopify: New Plans - What to Expect

LongTimeNoAppUpdate, well not anymore...

Introducing our new GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app plans:

What is the meaning behind the new plans and Why are we doing this? 

In the past few months, we were running multiple tests in the background regarding the performance of the app. We have also gathered a lot of feedback from our merchants and addressed some of the most requested improvements in the app, but first things first - let's talk about the new plan structure and the role that the page visits will play in it.

As I said earlier, we made several tests in order to inspect the different Shopify Store plans and the amount of usage each plan can have on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. From here, we decided that the best way to deliver the app performance that we want is to implement this new plan structure. It consists of 3 plans as follows: 

  • Free Plan - up to 10k page visits a month
  • Standard Plan (Most Popular) - from 10k - 30k page visits a month
  • Pro Plan - more than 30k page visits a month

A page visit is considered each time that the Cookie Consent Bar is loaded on your website for your customers while browsing the store.

I.e. If I land on your home page and then I go to a product page - the Cookie Consent Bar will be loaded twice - once on your home page and once on your product page. This is considering that the customer has not interacted with the Cookie Consent Bar on the Home Page and that is why it will show each time they load a new page on your website. 

How do you know if you have reached the limit of your plan? 

Once/If you reach the quota limit you will see a popup message like this one: 

This means that you have reached the Quota Limit of the plan that you are currently using. Now that you are familiar with the plan structure, you should know that the reason for seeing the quota limit popup is that you have reached its maximum page visits per month. I.e. If you are on a Free plan and you see the quota limit popup, this means that you have reached the 10k page visits maximum for this plan. If you still want to show the Cookie Consent Banner on your storefront, you should upgrade your current plan to the next available one.

Keep in mind that emails for Quota Limit Reach will also be sent out to the store admins, so you won't miss out when/if this event occurs. You will also have a field in the admin side of the app where you will be able to check the quota number change on a daily basis. It will be updated one time per day.

The next logical question here would be: How can I upgrade my plan? 

You will need to navigate to the Upgrade Plan tab in the app's admin side where you will see the plan that you are currently using + the plans that you are able to upgrade to. 

On this page, you can see all the different features included in each plan + tooltips that provide further explanations on each feature. A sneak peek to our admin improvements that you will also see with this app's upgrade. The UI of the admin side is way more interactive and user friendly. We can't wait to hear your feedback on it. 

Last but not least - The Language Browser Detection feature

This is a new feature that we are presenting for the Standard and Pro plans of the app. Here is how it works: 

Our app currently has the request pages and emails for GDPR and CCPA translated in the following languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, FI, RO, BG, SL, ES, and HU. If your store is multi-lingual, our app will automatically detect the language that the customer is currently using for your store, and it will translate the requests and emails in the corresponding language, which we have already translated. If a customer is viewing the store in a language that is not present, the app will use the language that is set from the settings of the app, which is located in the Global Settings > Set Language For The GDPR/CCPA Requests Emails And Pages. Currently, the automatic detection works with the following translation apps: Langify, GTranslate, Weglot, Translate my store. 

So, don't wait any longer - Avoid getting fined and download our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Managemnt app now! 

If you have any specific questions, please check our FAQ page or reach out to us via chat or e-mail. 

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