GDPR for E-Commerce: 15 Online Stores Showing How to Design Cookie Consent Forms 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation took full effect on May 25, 2018.

We’ve all been bombarded with Privacy Policy updates and cookie consent acceptance forms in websites.

The necessity of complying with GDPR is not the most pleasant thing for webmasters, online business owners, marketers and all online users in general. No argument there.

However, we wanted to show some examples of how some online stores are designing their cookie consent bars and how they approach the goal of giving more control, transparency and clarity to their online visitors.

Very briefly… what’s a cookie consent bar?

This is the notification bar that your online store uses cookies. It requires new visitors to accept or view your privacy policy to continue getting the desired experience from your website.

The cookie consent bar should include the following:

  • Clear information about what and how you use cookies

  • Link to your Privacy Policy

  • Controls over the type of cookies users agree with

  • Options for users to deny or give you informed consent

  • Include info about third-party services used for tracking user activity

How to display your cookie consent bar?

Now that we know what to show in the cookie consent bar, let’s look at the 3 main ways to display the bar to your users so they accept your cookie policy.

1 Content Bottom Notification

A lot of the websites in the examples below will be using this method. It's probably the most popular choice for websites to put their cookie consent bar at the bottom of the page.

This way it's out of the way for users to view the site content, but still there to meet GDPR requirements.

You can't go wrong with this showing method.

GDPR Compliance for OpenCart

2 Content Top Notification

Some websites choose to put their cookie consent bar at the top of the page. This way it's a bit more visible for visitors because it's one of the first elements that nails your attention.

Also, it's a good choice if the content layout in your page will be blocked if you place the notification on the bottom of the page.


3 Notification Box (Left or Right)

If you want to place the cookie consent in a box instead of a full-width bar, you can see from some of the examples below that there are websites that utilize that method as well.

It's not too intruding, but still requires the user to take some action to continue browsing your site.


The main point here is that the method you choose to display your cookie consent notification mainly depends on your store design and personal preference.

The important thing is to have it active and visible for your visitors.

We hope you like the examples and get inspired to customize your GDPR Compliance form in OpenCart to fit your website design and brand tone.

1 Nike

Click to Zoom.

2 Adidas

Adidas GDPR
Click to Zoom.


Quiksilver GDPR
Click to Zoom.

4 Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut GDPR
Click to Zoom.

5 Sneakersnstuff

Click to Zoom.

6 Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion GDPR
Click to Zoom.


Click to Zoom.

8 TK-Maxx

Click to Zoom.

9 Brand Alley

Brand Alley GDPR
Click to Zoom.

10 Boohoo

Boohoo GDPR
Click to Zoom.

11 Stylebop

Stylebop GDPR
Click to Zoom.

12 Burton Menswear

Burton Menswear GDPR
Click to Zoom.

13 Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel GDPR
Click to Zoom.

14 UK Coach

Click to Zoom.

15 Cloudways

Cloudways GDPR
Click to Zoom.

Even Google is required to follow the law.


Google GDPR
Click to Zoom.

Wrapping up

One last important note! Always place your cookie consent notification above the fold so users can see it right away instead of having to search for it! Learn how to get a GDPR Compliant cookie consent bar for OpenCart here

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