Five iAnalytics Metrics Every OpenCart Business Should Monitor

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it", the quote suggests. Data is the easiest representation of measuring your store's success. It helps one compare store highs and lows and gives insights on what is working well and what begs for improvement. In this article, I have assembled a list of essential metrics every OpenCart store owner should be keeping an eye on. Not all metrics are available by default in OpenCart so the review will be centered on iAnalytics.

What is iAnalytics?

iAnalytics is a brand new and native Analytics system for OpenCart. It features a beautiful Bootstrap Inspired dashboard where you are able to view the building blocks of your business at a glimpse - Sales, Daily Visitors, Conversion Rate, Traffic Sources, Most Ordered Products and Most Searched Keywords. Beyond the beautiful dashboard, information is organized in Pre-sale, After-sale and Visitors' tabs featuring more than 25 easy-digestible graphics along with additional detailed information under each sub-section. iAnalytics can also be integrated with Google Analytics e-commerce tracking and works with Google Analytics Expert by spitos. 

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is great place to see your store’s most essential information all at once. I will be touching on most of the information you can see below, but the sales funnel, traffic sources, daily visitors, most ordered products and most searched products are among the key metrics that you can view and track glimpse. 

2. Conversion

Conversion is the process that transforms a visitor into a client. In other words the visitors “converts” by either purchasing, downloading or engaging with the content your store is selling. Conversion should always be among your prime marketing resources for measuring your store success rate.

iAnalytics does a great job of providing a classical sales funnel. The funnel is a detailed bird’s eye view of how a web store visitor goes through the points of conversion. It is also a good representation of where your store may fall short - either in design, functionality, feasibility, comprehension etc. iAnalytics features a 6 points funnel, which captures:

  • First Visit
  • Add to Cart
  • Delivery Method
  • Payment Method
  • Confirm Order
  • Successful Order

As a business owner, you will also get a quantitative overview of different stages and be able to run a regression analysis.

3. Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources account for the way your web store visitors find about your website. There is a tons of information available on the topic, but about the most important thing regarding traffic source is that it allows you to contrast and compare various marketing efforts and gauge how potential customers are getting to your website. Now, lets find more about different types of traffic:

Direct Traffic - Direct traffic is when somebody types in your website straight into their browsers and lands on your website. 

Search Traffic - Search traffic is when somebody types in your website in search engines and ends up on your website from there

Social Traffic - Social traffic is when somebody landed on your website from a link posted on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest or any of the other popular social networks

Other Traffic - Other traffic refers to any other possible way of someone ending up on your OpenCart store. This could be referral link, Rss feed, link send via email etc.

4. Most Searched Keywords

In SEO keyword search is one of the most valuable, high-return marketing activities a business owner can invest their time in. Getting information on what keywords your potential customers are using in your web store search gives you insight on most wanted products and at the same time provides information on who your customers are. iAnalytics nails it down and shows every keyword your OpenCart store visitors have searched for. As a handy addition, you are getting information on whether the search returned any results along with the language that the user tried to access the search on.

5. Most Ordered Products

Most ordered products is among the most important metrics for every store owner. First and foremost, bestselling products are signaling for what your visitors are keen on purchasing. This might give you a good idea on getting more similar products. If you notice that one category is doing better than another perhaps its time for you to run a promo and get ahead with sales. 

In Conclusion

Starting a new OpenCart store is an exciting and responsible venture. Exciting, because one has the ability to embrace on the possibilities of selling products, making their customers happy and at the same time earning a profit. Responsible, because in order to develop a business one has to effectively measure some key metrics in order to get a clear idea of what is working and what now. Analytics will be changing and sometimes frustrating, but when attended correctly will help increase conversion and help your store grow.


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