Faster product management with ProductManager

What is ProductManager?

ProductManager is an extension designed for OpenCart 2.0.x, which can help you manage the products at your store. It is simple, easy to use and super handy. You can change almost all product fields from just one page and you can do this for more than one item at the same time. The changes you make are applied immediately and you don’t even have to refresh the page to see them.

As you will notice, the product listing of the module looks almost the same as the default one in OpenCart

Lets go through the main features.

Toggle columns 

Using this feature, you will be able to choose for yourself which columns you would like to see in the listing with your products. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, except for the default ID, Image, Product Name, Price, Quantity and Status, you can display the most needed product fields in the product listing. The information about the columns is kept in a cookie so your preferences will be saved. Also, all these fields can be edited directly, but more for that you will find in the next section.

Single Product Edit

It is pretty simple - you just have to double click on the field that you want to change, type the new value and press [Enter]. Alternatively, you can click somewhere else on the page. The new value will be saved immediately and displayed on the list. 

Here is a video demonstration:

Bulk Product Edit

Bulk product editing can also be achieved with ease. You just have to select the products that you want to edit and click on the pencil icon for the given column. A new input field will show up from which you can change the value of all items in the column.

You will notice that when the new input field shows, there is this string - %value%. This means that you can manipulate the value in the field without completely removing it. For example, if you wish to add the word “Pro” to the products iPhone 6 and MacBook, you just have to select them, click on the pencil icon for the Name field and type this - %value% Pro. When you save the changes, the new names for the given items will be iPhone 6 Pro and MacBook Pro.

The technique in the paragraph above also works for the numeric fields. For example, if you wish to add 5 more quantities to some of the products, you have to mark them, click on the pencil icon for Quantity and type this in the field - %value% + 5. Pretty cool, right? You can also make simple formula-based edits  - ((%value% +10) * 2). The value will be calculated and then updated in the list.

I am sure that you will understand how it works from this video:

Maybe you noticed that after I press [Enter] or click somewhere else on the page, there is a confirmation window coming up. This is to ensure that you want to apply the changes in case you click somewhere by accident or write incorrect data.

Bulk Image Upload

Just as the headline says, with ProductManager you can bulk upload images for your products. You just have to follow the rules below:

  1. Choose the desired images for the selected products and name them by their product IDs. For example, if you want to upload pictures for iPhone 6 and MacBook, you should look up their IDs. iPhone 6 is 34 and the Mac is 129. What you have to do, is rename the image for the smartphone to 34 and the one for the laptop to 129. Do not add any extra characters, just leave the IDs of the products.
  2. ZIP only the images and nothing else. Here is an example for similar structure:
      • 456.png
      • 52.jpg
      • 123.jpg
      • 7653.png 
      • ....
  3. Open ProductManager and click on the pencil icon next to the Image column. A new popup will appear from which you have to find your ZIP file. Once you do that, click on the Upload button. When everything is ready you will see how many products are with new images. Again, you do not have to refresh the page. Everything is instantly updated.

Below you can find a video demonstration for the feature: 


A demo of the module can be found here. Go ahead and make some changes to see the real value of ProductManager. I am sure that you will find it extremely useful.

In Conclusion

Having lots of products on your store is good, however, sometimes it may be a tough job to manage them all. ProductManager is designed to help the store owners to easily apply changes to their products. The extension works fast and can edit more than one product simultaneously.

Feel free to use the comments section below if you have any suggestion for the next version of the module or if you have some additional questions.

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