Fast SSD hosting for your OpenCart store

When you are choosing a web hosting for your store you should be looking for great performance, perfect uptime and fast problem-solving support. CooliceHost is a reliable and fast Nginx web hosting solution for your small, medium or large OpenCart based online store.

Fast loading = better SERP results

It is no secret that the faster loading means a better performance and higher positions in search engines results. Do not forget that you will only get the speed you need if you wisely and carefully choose your hosting provider. CooliceHost might just be it as the company offers SSD Nginx hosting + Varnish Cache, which will take your load speed to another level. The plans are suitable for each and every OpenCart store. Please notice that if you cannot find what suits you best, CooliceHost is always ready to offer you a hosting plan customized especially for your business.

Protect your business!

A great benefit that this hosting provider offers you is the DDoS protection that is included in every hosting SSD plan. The latest statistics show that the global DDoS attacks have a 90% increase for last year only. You could always hope not to become a DDoS attack target but still it is better to have a protection.

Reasonable prices and pro solutions

As the price always matters we should underline that CooliceHost offers very reasonable prices for its SSD plans. You can start your OpenCart store under a small plan – Webmaster Mini (EUR 2.98 per month) or if your store is bigger you could choose Webmaster (EUR 5.98 per month), Big Dog (EUR 8.98 per month) or Big Dog 2 (EUR 14.98 per month). All plans are OpenCart optimized. CooliceHost hosts more than 1000 OpenCart stores on its servers and the number keeps growing.

Your needs are our priorities

If your business needs are greater, the hosting provider could also offer you a SSD and HDD VPS hosting. The company’s technical team is always ready to give you free consultations on all hosting questions you might have and to help you take the best decision according to your business needs.

CooliceHost offers its clients 6 different geo IP locations in Europe to choose from.

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