Increase Conversion Rates with a Fast Product Search in OpenCart 3.x

The way users interact with your E-Commerce site search is pretty much the same as they use the Google search.

They have been conditioned to have high expectations for fast and accurate results.


A customer enters your store, starts typing the product they’re looking for and expects to find the exact item instantly.

If your store doesn’t meet that expectation, the customer is lost. You have failed to deliver the intuitive and relevant search experience they need.

When the E-Commerce search delivers, it does it fast, accurate and efficient.

Both on desktop and mobile.

Let’s introduce you to a better way to give your OpenCart store visitors the search experience they need to convert into buyers.

iSearch Corporate for OpenCart 3.x Released

Can't Wait, I Need It Now!

Since the last version of the search extension, we refined the new iSearch Corporate with a more elegant and user-friendly experience both for you as well as your customers.

  • Caching performance boost
  • Brand new, intuitive user interface
  • Fast and simple setup for large E-Commerce businesses

You will see the full release log for 4.0.0 in our latest iSenseLabs Weekly post.

Still, here are some of the highlights of the new release of iSearch Corporate.

Caching Performance Boost

OpenCart 3.x stores now have a better and more efficient functionality for the Database Cache.

iSearch Corporate can now resume the caching where it was paused, instead of starting over from scratch like in the older versions.

This is a huge step forward for E-Commerce businesses with large databases where caching all the products usually takes some time.

Once you’ve cached your products, you have power over the cache-sensitive settings that require you to rebuild that cache.

Like the Full-Text setting.

Changing cache-sensitive settings like that will require you to recreate your cache for them to take effect.

However, you may want to revert them and choose to not re-create the cache.

Save & Re-Cache

  • Revert & Save to cancel the cache-sensitive change and continue without re-creating your cache.

  • Save & Re-Cache to continue with the change and re-create your cache for the settings to take effect.


Refined User Interface

The improved and more clear control panel design allows OpenCart store owners to configure their extension with ease.

A lot of the iSearch Corporate settings have been simplified and their default configuration is enough to get you started with the extension.

The Default Sorting setting is one of the important settings you need to configure. This helps you arrange the search results for customers when they are looking for a product.

You can sort them by tons of different values:

iSearch Corporate User Interface

Another useful addition is the Clear Search Term Suggestions button in your module controls at the top right.


This clears the suggestion history for the users if it’s too cluttered.

The Design tab gives you power over the way your search results box looks like in the storefront.

Site Search Design

You can clean it up for a very simple design and remove:

  • Prices
  • Models
  • Highlights
  • Suggestions

This way everything the customer sees is the product itself without any distractions.


Alternatively, you can make it a bit more elaborate and add details like the total number of found products, prices (including discounts), suggestions or highlights.


Spellcheck and Excluding

Don’t let a simple typo get in the way of your customer finding the product they need.


Spell Check: You can create replacements where you enter possible mistakes customers can make and replace them with the correct terms.

If a customer makes the mistake, iSearch Corporate will deliver the result anyway.


Exclude: If you want to hide specific items from the search results, you can list them by using different values:

  • Quantity
  • Status
  • Category Status
  • Category
  • Product
  • Stock Status


The release of iSearch Corporate for OpenCart 3.x was long awaited. It's finally here and you can download and install it now. Make your OpenCart site search easier and faster for you and for your customers!

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