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Important NoticeDue to the recent changes from Facebook, the creation of the custom Page Tabs is not longer possible. That is why FacebookStore extension is deprecated. For the customers that installed and setup the extension prior to September 14th 2022, and did not make any changes in the extension setting, the already created custom Page tab should work correctly. // comment added in September 2022 and still valid today //

Going forward with our QA sessions we have FacebookStore. FacebookStore turns your Facebook page into a shop, where clients are able to browse through all of your products, categories already available on your OpenCart store and checkout with ease.

There is no need for you to import anything and the set up of the module takes just a few minutes of your time. The best thing about FacebookStore is that it provides a very clear and minimalistic experience - all without the hustle and bustle of thousands of modules.

Let's get started.

I can access my Facebook page on desktop but I can't access it via a mobile device. Is there something I am doing wrong?

In order to get your page to appear on your mobile device you should first get your Page ID. In order to do this go to your Facebook Page and click About. Scroll all the way down, where you will find a 15 digit number similar to 400562146385812.

Copy this code.

Now, next we need to change the URL of your "Shop Now" button. To do this go to Go to your Page and then hover over Create Call to Action.
Choose Edit call to action or Delete call to action.

If you’re editing the call to action, choose the new call to action and then update the destination URLs to https://facebookstore.isenselabs.com/api/&page=422355904520624, where you want to insert your page ID after the = sign. Click Save. After you insert this in your Shop Now button, this will open FacebookStore on mobile devices and your regular site on a desktop computer.

Is FacebookStore multi-lingual and how can I translate it in my language?

FacebookStore is multi-lingual, meaning that you can translate it in any language you have in your store. In this case, what you have to do is copy the module language file from the default location in the main store language folder and paste it to your language folder. Please follow this small tutorial on how to do so:

1) Access folder catalog/language/en-gb/fbstore and copy it
2) Access folder catalog/language/YOUR_LANGUAGE/ and paste the folder you copied previously.
3) Open file catalog/language/YOUR_LANGUAGE/fbstore/fbstore.php and edit it by translating only the text on the right hand side after the = sign

// Heading
$_['heading_title'] = 'FB Store';
// Text
$_['text_tax'] = 'Ex Tax:';
$_['text_empty'] = 'There is no product that matches the search criteria.';
$_['text_sort'] = 'Sort By:';
$_['text_default'] = 'Default';
$_['text_name_asc'] = 'Name (A - Z)';
$_['text_name_desc'] = 'Name (Z - A)';
$_['text_price_asc'] = 'Price (Low > High)';
$_['text_price_desc'] = 'Price (High > Low)';
$_['text_rating_asc'] = 'Rating (Lowest)';
$_['text_rating_desc'] = 'Rating (Highest)';
$_['text_model_asc'] = 'Model (A - Z)';
$_['text_model_desc'] = 'Model (Z - A)';
$_['text_limit'] = 'Show:';

// Entry
$_['entry_search'] = 'Search';

$_['text_categories_header'] = 'Categories';
$_['text_cat_total_products'] = 'product(s)';
$_['text_all_products_category'] = '';
$_['text_search_criteria'] = 'Products meeting the search criteria';
$_['text_error_head'] = 'Error';
$_['text_go_store_button'] = 'Go To Store';
$_['order_placed'] = 'Your order has been placed!';
$_['nopaymentmethod'] = "There is no payment method. Please message us on Facebook.";
$_['noshippingmethod'] = "There is no shipping method. Please message us on Facebook.";
$_['text_total_sum'] = "Total";

Click Save. In order to translate your Facebook store in your other languages, you need to translate the module language files located in catalog/language/<language>/fbstore/fbstore.php

My cover photo for the category is the first photo from my category. Is there a way I can assign a photo for that category on my Facebook store?

You can assign a category photo from your OpenCart Admin > Catalog > Category.

Is there a way for clients to share products from the product tab on their pages?

Yes, clients can share products from your FacebookStore product page. All they need to do is go to the designated page and click on the share bar below.

I read I can't run FacebookStore without an SSL. I am a bit worried that if I buy an SSL certificate my SEO score would go down. Will this affect my previous Google placement?

Yes, you need an SSL certificate in order to run FacebookStore. Installing an SSL certificate to your store will have a good impact also on the Google indexing of your store. You can read more about it here http://searchengineland.com/google-starts-giving-ranking-boost-secure-httpsssl-sites-199446

I have a multi-store set up with a few stores. Can I run FacebookStore on only one of my stores?

Yes, you can use the module for your designated store under your multi-store environment.

I am running a PHP 5.3 and when I open the module I get a blank page. Why Facebook store does not work for me?

Please mind that FacebookStore requires a minimum of PHP version 5.4 in order to run. In order to update your PHP version you can follow the following guide: How to Update the PHP Version of a Server Hosting OpenCart

That’s all!

Hope this post suits you well. Let us know if you have any questions about the module in the section below.

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