Turn Chat Into Sales with the New Facebook Messenger for OpenCart

You can already chat with your OpenCart customers using your Facebook Messenger.

So far, our OpenCart extension that connected the Messenger platform to your OpenCart store consisted of a popup that allowed visitors to start a conversation with you and take it to your Facebook page.

But that’s in the past.

Starting with the new version of FacebookMessage, your customers can now chat with you in real-time without leaving your store.

Add Messenger to Your Store

How does Messenger help grow your business?

You can start engaging with customers in Messenger and provide help and information about your products in a real-time chat as they are browsing your OpenCart store.

This allows you to provide personalized customer service and act quick when your visitors need you.

This is how customer relationships are born and this is how you can make your customers rely on you at all times, building up on your brand loyalty.

The best way to build an E-Commerce business that’s easy to like.

So, each time a customer has a question about stock, sizes, compatibility or anything they need to make a purchasing decision - you will be there.

When they are experiencing a problem and need your help - you will be there.

When they want to give you feedback and tell you what they think of your products - you will be there.

When they want to control the way they use Messenger on your OpenCart store - they will be able to:

  • Turn off their messages

  • Mute the conversation

  • Take it to the Messenger app

  • Visit your Facebook page

  • Add Messenger to a website

And all of this wrapped in a beautifully designed and responsive chat window that seamlessly integrates with your website.

How can you start using Messenger for OpenCart?

After you install your Messenger extension for OpenCart, you go to the control panel, enable it and enter your Facebook page’s ID.

You can follow the instructions inside to find your ID.

After this is done, you need to go to the Messenger Platform tab in your Facebook page settings and enter your OpenCart store’s domain in the Whitelisted Domain field.

When you’re done with that, you can continue to the Messenger button appearance.

You can keep the default Messenger logo color, or enter your custom color if you want it to better match your OpenCart theme.

You can also enter the messages that will greet visitors when they enter your website.

Add Messenger to Your Store

The updated version containing the new improved chat is FacebookMessage 3.1, compatible with OpenCart 3.x.

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