Exciting updates in our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app for Shopify

We have been working on some small and not so small additions to the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app for some time now and we are happy to present the results. Starting with the:  

Cookie Information Panel

This new feature is located in the Cookie Consent Bar tab right under the Cookie Management section and it is only available to the Premium Plans (Standard and Pro). Here is how it looks like: 

but how can it be used? As you can see it has three sections:

Display Cookie information - If enabled, this option will allow your visitors to see the detailed cookie information for each cookie on the preferences popup. Here is how it will look like: 

Upon clicking on the arrows your visitors will be able to see each cookie associated with the respective category and also check the additional information listed under them as part of their description:

Alternatively, if you select to disable this option and set it to 'No', this information won't show to your website visitors. 

Next, you have the Add cookie option. Here you will be able to add custom cookies, add the respective description for them and assign them to one of the listed categories. Once added here you will be able to see them in the above lists. Here is an example of adding a test_cookie and how it shows in the Marketing and Retargeting list of cookies: 

 And last but not least we have the Select a cookie to modify field. From here you can select an existing cookie and edit its description and/or category. If you want to modify the cookie itself like its name, we would advise you to select the respective cookie, delete it and then try adding it again by following the example from the previous point. Here is how it would work if we wanted to edit the cookie from the previous example, let's say move it to a different category. 

This is pretty much all you can find in this new section of the Cookie Consent Bar tab. Here is to the next update: 

Hiding the Close button 

The option to Hide the Close button in the Cookie Consent Bar can now be found under the Cookie Consent Bar tab as well right next to the Action When the "Close" Button is Clicked field: 

By selecting Hide or Show you can either have the Cookie Bar looking like this - Without a Close button:

or like this - With a Close button:

Accept All button in the Preferences popup

We also introduced some changes in the Preferences popup by adding the Accept All and Accept Selected buttons: 

Here is how they work. Upon clicking the Accept All button your visitors will accept all cookies no matter what the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar option is set to. Similarly, if you decide to select specific cookies that you would like to accept you can do so by checking the respective checkboxes and then clicking on the Accept Selected button. No matter which of the two buttons you click, after this action is done both the Popup and the Cookie Consent Bar will be closed. 

If you want the Accept button in the Cookie Consent Bar to act like an Accept All button, you will have the option to do that as well. You will simply need to rename the button from Accept > Accept All and then in the additional settings section select the option for the Accept button to disRegard (choose 'No') the Initial State Of The Cookie Consent Bar, so it could work as the one in the Preferences popup. 

If you want the Accept button to work as it is, you simply need to make sure that this setting is set to Yes

Dashboard & Statistics improvements 

Last but not least, we have the improvements in the Global Settings tab showing the Daily Acceptances, Daily Deletion requests, and Quota Limit numbers in an intuitive graph data scheme + speedometer:

The graphs under the Daily Accepted Policy and Daily Deletion Requests fields will show the respective requests you have received for the past 7 days. The bar marked in blue will always show the current day and then you will see the data for the past 6 days in the grey bars listed before. 

The Quota Limit section shows the page views you have received so far based on the total amount of views your monthly plan is supporting. This information will update every 6 hours and it will reset each month based on the date that you have installed the app on. I.e. if you have installed the app on the 25th of July, the quota will reset for you on the 25th of August. You will also be able to see how many days are left until the next quota reset. 

So, if you want to get your hands on this feature-rich beast of an app click here

If you have any specific questions, please check our FAQ page or reach out to us via chat or e-mail.

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