Enhance Your Store's Accessibility with GoogleLogin

Will Google be a good sign-in method to add to your OpenCart store? We will discuss how the GoogleLogin module will help your website generate more users by bringing down the wall of standard registration.

Google remains the second most preferred social sign-in method with 37% of websites using a Google Social Login service over providers like Twitter, Yahoo! or LinkedIn in Q1 of 2015. According to Janrain, this indicates a 3 percent increase compared to 2014, which means a  growth in popularity.

How does Google stand out as a social login method

Facebook may be the most preferred social login method, but Google still has the majority of users, officially up to 2.5 billion. They can use their Gmail accounts to sign into websites that feature a “Login with Google” option.

People trust and rely on Google. This makes it an easy pick for store owners who want to integrate a social login into their websites.

  • Simple Access

You have to bring down all accessibility barriers that stand between you and your potential shoppers. Earlier in 2012, Blue Research conducted a survey stating that 54 percent of users are willing to leave a website and look for a new one if they have to complete an entire registration form.

You never see brick-and-mortar stores barricading themselves with security measures for everyone who wants to walk in. The case with web stores is similar, as the social login allows more users to come in, leaving the personal information to be filled in the checkout process. By integrating GoogleLogin, you make the sign-in much easier for most people who already have a Gmail account.

  • Secure Access

Social logins deliver a secure access via OAuth. It is the security measure that protects your password on third-party websites. This authorization standard only gives the requesting website the information that you want to share and protects the rest of your data.

What happens after you log in with Google?

Google+ informs you which information will be shared with the store owner. A typical pop up looks like this.

If we compare this information to the standard OpenCart registration form info we would notice that it is just a fraction of the fields you have to fill. Right after a user logs, the OpenCart store admin can request additional information in order to match all the necessary OpenCart fields.

Signing in with your main Gmail account makes it much easier to gain access to content that requires a registration because you don’t need a new username and password.

Increase mobile conversions by removing obstacles

By integrating GoogleLogin and lightening the accessibility, you reduce the time it takes for a user to sign-in, which particularly helps those on mobile devices.

In their infographic about The State of Social Sharing, WebHostingBuzz reported that 77 percent of responders say “social login is a good solution that should be offered by any site.”

  • User Experience

An easier sign-in option means a faster access to your website, which is a usability booster. This means a better experience for your visitors and this is something you should constantly be striving to improve.

  • Convenience

If it’s easy for a user to sign into your website, it will also be easier for them to come back to your store. Since they will not have to remember an additional set of login credentials, they will have no problem logging back in for another purchase.

  • Real User Data

Blue Research also found that 4 out of 5 users will enter false information on a registration form, which is misleading to marketers in their advertising campaigns. This is harmful to user experience as well because visitors will see content that does not match their interests.

How does GoogleLogin work and what does it offer?

Setting up the widget

As you will see in the Demo, you have a wide range of settings to get started with the module. You can select a name and the place to load it.

The widget can be placed on any page you choose. Naturally, the Login/Registration page should be one of them, but you can also place it on the Contact page. These are the most popular choices for users in our experience.

You can choose between the regular for OpenCart positions - Column Left and Right, or Content Top and Bottom. The position of the widget is chosen from the Selector. For additional customization, using the Custom CSS option that lets you add custom CSS code that changes the layout of the button.

Adjusting the style

The module comes with 4 different design choices. You can choose the one that is most suitable for your website’s design. The selection includes Standard, Metro, Rounded and Blue Style UI.

You can wrap the button into a widget and configure the text in both the widget and the button to better match your preference. Since the module is multi-lingual, you can set the text to the language of your choice.


Since this is a multi-store module, you can use it across all of your OpenCart stores. It can be easily integrated with any theme.

Set the specific information that you want to collect from your users’ Google accounts in the field called “New User Required Details.”

With GoogleLogin, you can also configure whether you want your new users to be assigned to a User Group. Specify between Default and the other user groups that you have created. This is useful when targeting certain customers with marketing campaigns.


A simple login process is crucial for the usability of your eCommerce website. Choosing a plug-and-play integration like GoogleLogin can save time for your potential customers when they want to sign in and provide them with a better user experience. Let us know if you like the extension and what you think about it in the comments section below!

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