Enhance your compliance with the new Cookie Bar Widget feature

Introducing the Cookie Bar Widget!

We are always listening to our customer's feedback and that's why we are so excited to announce the newest feature for the GDPR/CCPA app - the Cookie Bar Widget! Now, users of the app can keep a popup of their Cookie bar on their storefront even after their customer's initial interaction. Let's dive into the details.

The Cookie Bar Widget is now available for Pro and Enterprise users. It offers a fresh way for customers visiting your store to continue interacting with the Cookie Bar and Preferences popup, even after clicking the "Accept" or "Reject" buttons. With this feature, a convenient cookie widget will always be accessible on your storefront. When clicked, it displays the Preferences popup, allowing users to make further changes to their accepted or rejected cookie categories.

The Cookie Bar Widget on the storefront

To make use of this feature, ensure that the Cookie bar is enabled in the General section of the app. To activate the Cookie Bar Widget, navigate to the Cookie Bar tab > Cookie Bar Behaviour sections > Re-open Cookie Bar Widget field. By default, the widget is disabled. You can enable it from the Show widget setting, then choose whether it should be displayed at the bottom left or bottom right of your store page.

Enabling and positioning the Cookie Bar Widget

As for the widget itself, if you opt for a text bubble display, you can customize the text to your preference.

The Text settings

How the widget looks like with text 

If you prefer to display the Cookie Bar Widget as an icon, you have a selection of 15 images to choose from. These images come in various styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your brand. 

The Icon settings

How the widget looks like as an icon

In conclusion, the newly introduced Cookie Bar Widget is a powerful addition to the GDPR/CCPA app that addresses the needs and requests of our valued users. With this feature, Pro and Enterprise users can enhance their storefronts by enabling a persistent Cookie bar popup, even after users have initially interacted with it.

If you have suggestions for other new features and updates to the app, you can contact us directly through email at apps-support@isenselabs.com or on our social media channels. 

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