Ecommerce trends in 2021

Making predictions for 2021 is not the best idea, but we have to be prepared for what the e-commerce future holds.

Here are some of the trends we think will be on the catwalk for the next year.

Compliance is the new gold

GDPR compliance has a major role these days, and we think it will be one of the trends for 2021. Even some of the biggest tech giants have been hit with huge fines for dropping tracking cookies without consent. So, no matter what kind of business you run, it is your responsibility to protect your customer's data. The best way to ensure the security of your visitors is by making your store compliant. How can you do that?

By using,  GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app, your store will be fully compliant from the moment you enable it. You can choose between free and premium plans depending on your store traffic. Also, the app offers features that you will not find in any other GDPR/CCPA solution for Shopify like: 

  • GDPR/CCPA pages - from there your customers can make requests for data edit, order information, data erasure, etc. 

  • Cookie preferences - visitors can decide exactly which cookies to be accepted.

  • Data export - merchants and visitors can make all kinds of exports.

You can customize the cookie bar in basically every way possible. You can change the position, the texts, the colors, the buttons, and put a privacy policy link.

French? German? Italian? Arabic? It doesn't matter the app works in any language!

Compliance is the new gold and it is a must for every store owner, so both merchants and customers can be safe.

Interactive experience

Augmented reality is considered one of the hottest trends of the year. For sure, it will enrich our online shopping experience. Before purchasing, most online customers would prefer to see and interact with a real-life version of the product. 

There are many shoppers who are unable to buy an item online unless they can see it. For example, if someone is looking to buy a couch, they can preview what that couch is going to look like in their living room by making use of AR. The personalized experience is vital for the future of any retailer and this is what will make shoppers come back to your store.  You can use an AR app, such as Zakeke Product Customizer to optimize your website. This will give your customers the freedom to customize and interact with live 3D models of your products.

Search and purchase products easily

Voice commerce is getting more popular each day. We all know Siri and Cortana, and how easy it is just to say: "Hey Siri, find me the nearest bookstore" for example. That is why many platforms are investing in voice assistance these days. This makes the shopper's experience smoother, expands their markets, and brings a modern touch to their stores. So, if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors you can prepare your site for voice queries and optimize it to appear in voice searches. Try to incorporate more of the natural language that your customers use. You may also add a Frequently Asked Questions page to your website and list all the possible questions with answers to meet the expectations and needs of your customers. We speak faster than we can type, and can save time and effort whilst still receiving our favorite products. It’s a win, win for everybody! 

Multichannel approach to sales

As the omnichannel service is likely to continue its growth, it is good to make your online store mobile-friendly, create an app or integrate your store with Facebook & Instagram. Social media could introduce your products to customers in different ways, such as photos or videos. But if you want to turn the engagement from interest to actual sales, you need to make it easier for them to complete the order. Facebook & Instagram shops allow customers to purchase products directly from your account. They could click on a photo/video to see information about products (size, color, price), place an order, and make payment directly through those apps. That way you will provide a consistent shopping experience across all channels and devices. Analytics can also help you know more about your customer's preferences and monitor your profit and loss. Over 50% of users are using social media to get shopping inspiration. It is very important to understand which are the things that matter for them and the channels they frequently visit. You need to position yourself in the places where consumers relax and look for a product when they decide to buy it. Make sure to include omnichannel in your e-commerce strategy for 2021.

Long-term relationship with the customers

Subscription selling is growing in popularity because it’s one of the best ways to support long-term relationships with clients. It makes your services a regular part of their routine. You know how convenient it is to find the products you love on your doorstep every week, month, etc. Subscriptions are the sources that provide this service and you have the luxury to spend quality time with your family and friends. If you plan to add a subscription to your business you should first carefully make research on the platforms that support all the required functions. Another alternative would be to design an eCommerce platform from scratch, although this is a time-consuming and costly process. Now, there are still integration challenges, but eCommerce platforms offer the tightest framework to make it happen. 

Visual commerce - the new marketing strategy

Visualization is the opportunity for the customers to interact with the products they want to buy. A whole new eCommerce branch comes on the stage - visual commerce. It has become the consumer's best friend and more brands are relying on it to capture buyer's attention. You can promote your business and sell online by interactive content, videos, product images, and already mentioned augmented reality. This for sure will increase your online engagement, generate more sales, and improve your customer's experience. The more visually appealing your content is, the more popular and desired your products can be.

Influencer marketing 

We don't have to forget the power of Social media these days. It affects our lifestyle, even our shopping habits. Social media channels are used by billions of people every day. People can interact with brands and products, and retailers can interact with their audience. You can now sell via Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and the whole process for both merchants and consumers is smoother and faster. Social media channels now are much more than a socializing option with friends and family. Many channels act as discovery engines for brands. Users engage in various actions, from seeking out inspiration from people and brands, direct messaging friends for opinions, all while shopping and making purchases. So, creating a seamless experience for shoppers by offering direct purchasing options will boost consumers’ confidence and lead to more sales.

Influencers, their creative content, and recommendations will continue to dominate through 2021 as well. More and more famous brands are turning into influencers to promote their new products and collections. People are more likely to buy different products under their influence. You have to make sure that you are following the trends when we are talking about social media and the opportunities for expanding that they give to your market.

Payment trends

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Revolut not only our shopping habits have changed, but payment, too. Different payment services enable retailers to offer customers more flexibility. The number of stores accepting digital wallets increases. Some retailers are even accepting cryptocurrency which offers low transaction fees. It is probably the worst to lose customers in the last step of the purchase, and this is exactly what happens when your store has poor payment options. Consumers expect online shopping to be convenient and part of that convenience includes being able to pay how they want.

The importance of delivery

Sometimes the quality of the product is not the main reason why a person decides to buy an item from an eCommerce store. Here the key is the convenience that the customer sees in the free or fast shipping. If you don't make enough profit to cover shipping costs on single products and you can't afford to offer free shipping make sure to clear this out. Explaining to the customers your store shipping policy will prevent them from abandoning their cart mid-checkout. You can boost your sales with a special offer like "Free shipping over $100". That way you will encourage your customers to spend more just to get the offer. Integrate shipping software and keep them informed by sending regular updates for their package's journey. It’s that type of easy delivery process that would make people choose you over a competitor. 

Being Eco-Friendly

There is a shift to a more and more eco-friendly lifestyle. When people see the consequences such as natural disasters affecting nearly every place on earth. Shopping also changes when customers are more concerned about buying more environment-friendly products. Sustainable brands gain more trust and develop faster than others. Try to establish campaigns that show the eco-friendliness of your business, avoid packing in plastic, and move to materials like recycled paper and organic fabrics. Creating your “greener” image will bring your company closer to consumers and protect the environment at the same time. 

When it comes to trends in eCommerce you always have to act quickly and be one step ahead of your competitors. Secure your market position while they are still thinking whether to proceed with any changes or not. Get ready because the digital future is here and if you are not keeping up with the trends you are about to lose customers. Use all your knowledge, get inspired, take your time to create your best strategy, and build your successful empire in 2021.



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